Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random Tid Bits of Happy

Lots of happy happenin' around these parts.

First of all, my lil' brother and beautiful sis in law welcomed their precious son Gus into the world!
Portland has never felt so far away.

On Monday I had a group of sweet ladies over for a fun night of Stampin' Up crafting.
I didn't take any pics, but my BFF did!
You can check out the fun at her blog.
It was such a great night of giggles, chatting and crafting!  
Need any crafting supplies?
You should definitely check out her web cite.
Need fun crafting inspiration?
You should read her blog

Need your kiddoes to hustle doing their chores?
Just make it a race!

 The girls had a wood stacking race with their daddy.

 I've never seen them stack so fast!
I think I'll try having a vacuum race today.

It also helped to have a fire to warm your buns.

I've been on a couple sweet dates lately.

I painted a lil' turtle with this sweet gal.

And enjoyed some sprinkle covered yumminess with this cutie pie.
Oh how I cherish these special dates!

Yesterday was our 100th day of school!

I have been planning to make a super fun day to celebrate.
And then I forgot.
But my girls are so sweet (and forgiving) and thought of their own fun ways to celebrate.

They started by reading Psalm 100 for their quiet time.

We did 100 exercises

 It was the most exercise I've done in ages.

We had 100 pieces of lunch

Looks very nutritious hugh?

And they left me sweet notes throughout the day.

"You are starific"
Does it get any sweeter?

And now I need to get going on our 101st day.
Maggie was up all night with a high fever and NO SLEEP.
So it's been a slow morning.
Maybe I'll declare it PJ day.

Hope you have a 'starific' day!


  1. How fun! I love you 100 pieces of lunch...and I bet your girls did as well! Have a wonderful day...and hope your little one feels better quickly. : )

  2. yucky fevers :( looks like lots of fun at your house! i want to paint pottery now.

  3. Looks like y'all had fun! Sorry Maggie is sick. We've all been sick off and on around here, too. My boys' are driving me crazy today but I'll try to make it "starific" anyways. :)

  4. Looks like a fun 100th day of school. I love your cute school fun it would be to study there. I love the 100 pieces of lunch.
    I have had a sick one here as well..not fun. My husband has been out of town and missed all of the sick fun but now he is home and all is good!
    Have a wonderful 101 day of school!!

  5. Your party looked very pretty (and yummy!). Hope your day is going well with a sick kiddo. I'm not feeling the best either. No fever, but my eyes are very droopy and my nose is full. School work is SLOWLY getting accomplished and I'm definitely in comfy clothes. ;)

  6. I'm moving to Montana to do school down the street from you so that we can properly party together. A girl after my own heart, Ms. Amy. xo

  7. What a fun party my dear! I love the race idea for the chores. So need to remember that one! And the pottery date. My oldest would LOVE that! Have a great weekend friend! xoxo

  8. So sweet!

    I remember those
    100 days that my
    kids celebrated at
    school! Always a
    fun day : )

    Now they are teens
    and 100 days means
    they are that much
    closer to spring break
    and sunshine!

    Hope your Maggie
    is feeling better...

    xo Suzanne