Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweet Little Valentine's

 One of my bazillion and one goals for this year was to be better at creating little get togethers for my girls and their pals.

Valentines Day seemed like the perfect opportunity.

So on Friday we had a little Valentine card making party!

First we had to put up some festive decor.

 I was SO proud of myself because I actually used my sewing machine to make a few garlands
So nerdy proud, that I actually had my daughter take a picture of me sewing.

 I just had to document this rare occasion.
And I'm just a really big nerd.

These  hearts make fun shadows!

Once the decor was up we laid out the supplies.

And of course treats were involved.

We did have a healthy lunch involving heart shaped pb&j's as well- but crafting made some starvin' girls and they gobbled them up before I could take pics.

These girls are creative!
It was so sweet to listen to them chat as they crafted.

It was a delightful afternoon!

And now I get to have a momma craft night tonight with my girlfriends!
I'm off to create some chocolate concoctions! 

Do you need a night with girlfriends?

Get it on the calendar girl!


  1. Adorable! And look at you go on that sewing machine!! I'm so proud of you. Sewing paper is one of my favorite things. I did some paper sewing last week and hope to share soon :) So.........those garlands. I need the scoop. Did you sew it to ribbon? I can't really tell from the picture. And are those doilies or die cuts? Now, I'm being a huge nerd!

  2. i love this alllll! those heart shadows and ultra fun. mostly? i just love you. you make my heart happeee! xo

  3. Love the garlands you made...are they made with doilies? For the past three years I have had a Valentine's Day party for Juliana and some of her little friends but with her being in Kindergarten this year a party is not going to happen...just can't fit one in. I am so sad because this is one of my favorite holidays so we are going to have our own little family party.:)

    Have fun at your craft night out!!

  4. I love mama craft night..but of course it is grandmas craft night...sigh! Time goes by so quick. Back awhile ago I had a huge girlfriend Bunco night, what a blast. Have you heard of it? Found you through Melissas blog.

  5. this is so so sweet. i love that you took the time to do this. your girls will cherish this sweet memory, i'm sure of it. you are the best mom!

  6. The best mom eva! I was just talking to one of my friends about how we need to schedule a craft night. I soo need to! I love seeing your face! xoxo

  7. i just made heart garland for my basement...handpunching and lacing string through tons and tons of hearts. why in the world didn't i think to sew them! holy cow!! everything is so cute...including you:)

  8. are NOT a nerd! you are adorbs!
    and the best mama ever!
    what a great partay!

  9. So cute!! I agree with Mary...totally not nerdy. :) Super fun party!

  10. Love, love, love it! The girls will remember these days for years to come! And that straight line GO GIRL! ;-)

  11. Hi Amy...I am loving reading through your blog! And I am your newest follower...this is adorable!

  12. What a special time for your girls and the decorations are so cute and I do not think you are one bit nerdy, just an ever so special Momma. Glad you got to turn around and enjoy some time with your friends as well. Blessings!