Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break Shenanigands


I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

 We sure did.

 Before Easter we went on an epic Spring Break Adventure!
We spent many many hours in the car, but they were all worth it.

(be prepared for a bazillion pics)

Our first stop was Moab, Utah.

We spent 2 days exploring Arches National Park.

 If you are ever in the area, I HIGHLY recommend you adventure there with your family.

 We plan on going back and spending much more time playing.

After Moab we ventured to Arizona and spent some time with Josh's Dad and Grandma Judy.

Sweet memories.

And the last leg of our trip we spent some time in California hanging with my brothers and their precious families. 

Knowing that we were going to be in CA for Spring Break, we gave the girls a trip to Disneyland for Christmas.

All I have to say is that Disneyland truly is a magical place.  
I might have gotten teary during the fireworks.
Tinkerbell flies through the air people!

The rest of our time in Cali was filled with beach trips, Lego Land, and lots and lots of giggles.

The thing that made our trip the most special was all the time connecting with family.

 I have the best brothers a gal could ask for.
They are amazing husbands and daddies.
And lucky for me, they married incredible women and are raising the cutest kids ya ever did see.

Yep.  I'm ready to go back.
I miss them already.

Six more weeks of school.
I can do this.

I'm already planning adventures for summer.
How about you?  

Thursday, April 3, 2014


It's been a while.
Once again.
Life is delightfully FULL.
You get it.

Thought I'd catch you up with what's been happening around these parts.

Spring is most definitely starting to peak her head around the corner.
Which means we have plenty of mud.

 And mud pies.

We're starting to see the sun a bit more.

And we soak it up as much as possible.
 We've had a few icy outdoor adventures.

And I had an adventure of my own visiting a bestie in Seattle.
Oh how I've missed this girl.
We were roommates in college.

It was a weekend to remember.
We stayed up WAY past our bed time every night.
It was just like the ol' days.

I LOVED our day in the big city.

It was just what I needed.
I came home a lil' sleepy, but my heart so refreshed.

And now we're well on our way in April.
Just about 10 weeks of school left.
A few adventures planned.
And lots of spring cleaning on the 'to do' list.

What have you been up to?



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If I Had A Bigger Kitchen

I buy a lot of furniture for my lil' shop at Station 8.
I love finding old cast off pieces and giving them a new life.
It's amazing what a lil' elbow grease and paint can do.

Every now and then I fall in love with a piece.

Which was the case here:

It's an old steam table from a restaurant.

Here's what she looked like when I brought her home.

 Actually, 'we' had already done a bit of work to it already.
The sweet man I bought it from, Jesse, used it as a work bench.
So it had a THICK 2x4 top to it and some type of fan built into the side.
He told me it was so strong it could hold a transmission.
I told him I was going to turn it into a kitchen island.
He didn't quite see my vision.

Here's another shot of the before:

That big hole is where the fan was.
But do you see the beautiful patina on those shelves?
Luscious I tell you!

Well, it has been sitting in my hubbie's shop since September and he was more than ready to get it out of there.
So 'we' began the transformation.

First it needed a serious scrub down.
We're talking years of kitchen grease embedded with saw dust.


Then my most amazing personal carpenter, aka my hot husband, built a beautiful wood top.

Then came the priming and painting:

It felt like a scene from ET.
Painting in winter in Montana is a pain in the keaster.

After several coats she was ready for her purty new top and into the shop she went.

I miss her already.
I love how the doors slide.

Here's the label all shiney.
I love details like this.

I know she'll go home with someone who sees her beauty like I do.

I would love for Jesse to see his old work bench now.

Now on to a new project . . .

Monday, February 24, 2014

Remember That Day I Was Home ALONE ALL Day . . .

I was blessed with a rare treat this weekend.

On Saturday, my hubbie needed to head out of town to check on a job.
He took all 4 girls with him and I was left home.
All Day.
All Alone.
To Do Whatever I Wanted.

Do you hear the sweet quiet?

It was a day to be remembered for sure.

(Is this not the sweetest lil' calendar you ever did see?  I have wanted one FOREVER!)

Now I need to clarify a few things.

My husband is REALLY good at making sure I have 'mommy time' whenever I need it.
But usually this means I leave the house and run errands without kiddoes.
And that is most definitely a cherished treat.

But there is something to be said about being able to stay at home and just putter to one's heart content.
In the quiet.
Or the really loud blaring of Pandora- depending on which part of the day.

So what did I do?
Not much but a whole lot of happy puttering.

I sat in the quiet and drank coffee from my new vintage happy mug.
But first took a picture of it, because obviously that's the right thing to do.

I spent some time in my craft room creating a few cheerful buntings to add to my space at Station 8.

 I sewed a few happy hankie buntings.

 And then I continued my sewing in a straight line kick by making a few fringed crepe paper banners.
 'Sew' easy to make!
Just layer 4 lengths of crepe paper and sew down the middle.
Then fold in half and snip away.
It would be a lot quicker with handy dandy fringe scissors.

 I can't wait to add this fun color to my shop!

The rest of my day was filled with painting my nails, eating too many chocolates, eating chips for lunch . . . you know, all the lil' things that bring me joy.

AND . . . to top off my delightful weekend,
I scored a fun egg scale off Craig's list!

I have been  wanting one of these baby's for a few months!

It was a scrumptious weekend indeed.

I am so thankful for my family who understands that this momma needs a bit of alone time every now and then to recharge.

How about you.
Do you need a bit of recharging?
Make it happen.
You'll be so glad you did!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Celebrating Our 100th Day

Earlier this week we celebrated our 100th day of school!

The girls look forward to this day every year.
Its just a silly reason to add a bit of fun to an ordinary day.

Of course a day like this calls for donuts


We built structures with 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks.

Oh how I loved this silly project.

It's been way too long since we've had  time to just relax and enjoy the day.
I've been sort of a drill sergeant lately.
With Kait and Clara being in the 'upper grades'
it's getting harder and harder to have time for the 'fun stuff''.
This project reminded me of the good ol' days when we did stuff for school just for the sake of FUN.
I need to leave more time for opportunities like this.

We created pictures with 100 star stickers

The girls baked cupcakes 

It really was a delightful day.

Like I said, I need to leave more time 
for a little more fun in our days.

It takes 20 minutes to string 100 Fruit Loops into a necklace, 
but it adds buckets of smiles.

Hope you get to squeeze in a little bit of fun in your ordinary day!