Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Always Worth It

Have I mentioned we've had a KA-RAZY summer?
It's been nutty.

ALL wonderful, fun , and meaningful events,
just a bazillion of them squished in a few weeks time frame.

And you know what?
It's ALL worth it. 

All the crazy running around, shopping, packing, laundering, repacking, cake baking . . .
Every little bit of it has been filling my heart to the brim.
Actually, it's overflowing.

So in true Amy style, I shall now bombard you with pictures documenting all the fun.

We have an annual tradition of camping with Josh's sister and her family.
We have only missed 2 summers in the last 10 years.

 We fish, swim, hike, and eat fabulous food.

 It was so fun watching the girls fish with their Uncle Bill.

 And they caught lots of fish!

 These annual trips are so special to our family.

After that fun adventure we had 3 days before we headed on another camping adventure.
And in those three days my college roomie was in town.

So we squished in  some time

Too short but super sweet visit.
I adore my Nicole.

Also in those 3 days we celebrated our Maggie Nicole who turned FIVE! 

How is my baby FIVE???

I'll share more on her birthday celebration in a few days.

So then we headed to Sisters, OR for a family reunion camping trip.

Again we were surrounded by family who we love so so much.

 We went to a fish hatchery and saw ginormous fish.

My Grandpa is so near and dear to my heart.
I don't get to see him nearly enough.

 But oh how I treasure the time we do get to spend together.

 I absolutely adore watching my aunts and uncles love on my kids.

 They swam, boated, star gazed, caught bugs and attempted to catch a snake!

So yes, it was a wee bit exhausting.
But would I do it again?
In a heartbeat.
This is what life is about right?
Spending time with people you love.
Making priceless memories.

I should also mention,

This Mr. Hottie Pants 
turned the big 4-0 while we were camping.
Love him to the moon and back.

So what do I hope you glean from this mile long post?
Make the effort.
Travel to make it happen.
Do whatever it takes to make those special memories with your loved ones.

Now . . . I'm off to wrap presents for yet another birthday celebration.

Friday, August 1, 2014

July Has Been A Marathon Of Fun

Hello Folks!
I'm sitting here, catching my breath, after a fun-FILLED month of July.
We were blessed with lots of company, a family reunion, a special birthday, a wedding celebration, and bits of every day summer fun.

So here's a lil' recap of our adventures:
(you might want to go refill your coffee- LOTS of pictures)
 We started our month celebrating this cute couple.
My grandparents have been married 65 years.
It was an honor and a blessing to witness the renewal of their vows.
 What a beautiful example of commitment.

 It was so fun connecting with all my aunts, uncles and cousins.
I drove this go-cart as a kid.
 So neat to now watch my girls drive it and tow the littles.

The girls finished up their horse lessons.

 We're going to have to figure out a way 
to continue this dream for Clara.

Of course we squeezed in a few fun floats on the river.

 I absolutely LOVE being on the water-
especially surrounded with people I love.

 We were blessed by a visit from Josh's brother and family.

 Floats on the river, hiking, sliding down a mountain . . .
We packed in a lot of fun during their time here.
 We look forward to these visits so much.

This girl 
 celebrated her 9th birthday.
I tried to convince her to stay 8, but she wasn't going for it.

 I love birthdays.
Such a great opportunity to remind someone you love just how much you love them.

We finished up this month with a sweet visit from my parents.

Such a great month.

We have a few more weeks of a packed calendar and then a few weeks of slower days before school begins.

I love summer!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 on 10: July

I'm joining in on the fun over at A Bit Of Sunshine .
10 pictures in 10 hours
embracing the beauty in your day.

Here's a glimpse into our day:

 A little early morning watering

My mother-in-law is the best.
The best.
She called to see if I needed any help this morning.
So we spent some time weeding. 

Addy had a little run in with a swing set over the weekend.
We were just about to say so long to her stitches.
This is her 'tough-girl' look.

 This frappe has become an afternoon habit of mine

 Kait spent some time at volleyball camp this week.
She's a great coach for her lil' sisters.

 Nothin' like an evening bon fire

 Feeding my thirsty garden

Maggie likes to think Jinja is her dog.

 A little more volleyball practice
I love summer evenings to play as a family.

Sister love
Kait reads American Girl books to Maggie every night before bed .

I am so incredibly blessed.

It was a beautiful day indeed.

I love the simple joys of summer!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Embracing The Gift Of Each Day

Lately, I  find myself choosing 
to embrace the simple joys of each day. 
I say 'choosing' because quite honestly, it's been a wee bit crazy around here.
Josh has been working '8 days a week' and I have had a few deadlines weighing on my shoulders.
But amidst the chaos life can bring, I want each day 
to be a day FULL of simple joys.  
Each day is a gift and I want to treat it as such.

So here's a few ways we've been embracing the simple joys:

This girl

Oh this precious girl

Has been baking up a storm

And she can make THE MOST delicious scone.

 These two lil' monkey's are taking horse lessons.

 Oh the JOY of a dream coming true.

And last weekend we escaped to the mountains again for a sweet few days of camping.

 Even though it was another rainy weekend,
God never disappoints with the beauty of His creation.

 Camping brings its own simple joys.

 Endless hours of rock throwing
(I'm afraid Clara has gotten her form from me)

 Stick boat races

 Painting rocks

And time to take goofy family photos.
 These pictures make me smile out loud.

So completely blessed
I hope you're able to embrace and fully enjoy the simple moments of each day.