Monday, October 6, 2014

Always My Favorite

Oh the pumpkin patch!

 We look forward to this day every year.

It is such a sweet tradition for my family.

 I know my head's chopped off 
but it's better than this one.

I think I'll still be attempting toe touches when I'm a granny.

I tell you . . . I LOVE this day!
I will probably make my girls go with me 
even when they're in high school.

So blessed.
So thankful.


  1. Well, can I just tell you that these "jumping photos" are some of the best I have EVER seen!!!! Just made me smile from ear to ear. Your family is so precious and the last photo looks like it belongs on a Christmas card for sure!!! Happy week!

  2. so much fun! i love fall, its my favourite season in the year ... bummer that New Zealand doesn't have it like you guys and thats where we are now!! also, your hair looks amaaaaaaazing, i love it long!

  3. Look at those pictures of you all jumping how fun!!
    I too love going to the pumpkin of my favorite fall activities.