Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So Long Summer

Yesterday was our first day of school.

But before we said hello to school books and schedules,
we bid summer a fabulous farewell.

We spent the weekend camping in our favorite neck of the woods.
It truly was the BEST weekend.
Just what our family needed.

 We spent our days reading,



dutch oven cooking,



 (gun safety)
(don't worry mom, it was just a BB-gun)


and lots and lots of priceless, focused, much-needed family time.

Alright 2014-2015 school year,

 let's do this!


  1. Oh, that more families got up close and personal with God's creation and enjoyed some of life's more simple pleasures. All these photos made my heart smile and to see your girls enjoying this time and the wonderful memories you and your husband are creating for them. Good for you!!! Happy new school year!

  2. your family seems like so much fun!

    how did the first day go? i did some reading from story of the world volume 3 and my jaw was sore! i guess i don't use it much ;-)

  3. It sounds like the perfect end to summer. I love the last few pictures of your cute family!