Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 on 10: February

It's the 10th!
(for a few more hours at least)
I'm linking up with the beautiful Rebekah and her fun challenge.
Ten pics in ten hours capturing the beautiful in the everyday ordinary.

Weekends, oh how I love you,
Let me count the ways
 Weekends are for baking yummy breakfasts.

Weekends are for chocolate milk with fun stripey straws.

Weekends are for spontaneous remodel jobs.
 Hooray for a bathroom face lift!

Weekends are for board games

and reading,

 and wearing your pumps.

Weekends are for coffee
 with whip cream of course.

And weekends are for tackling fears.

My sewing machine and I are growing closer in our relationship.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for a great new week!


  1. hi. i like you.

    i really want to have coffee, are you open this week??

    yeah for bathroom facelifts!! can't wait to see!!

  2. I love your weekend! And that breakfast looks yummy...we have pumps in this house too! Cinderella ones. : )

  3. you are the reno dude and diva! awesome!! and weekends are all kinds of wonderful, the cozy breakfasts are my favorite parts. : )

  4. Yay for yoummy weekend breakfast! fun it would be to sit and visit and have a cup of coffee with you in your beautiful home.
    Waiting to see pictures of your bathroom!!
    Looks like a wonderful weekend Amy!

  5. What a wonderful weekend! Looks like it was the perfect balance of productive yet relaxing- the best in my opinion. Can't wait to see the bathroom remodel and hear all about what you are sewing that lace, too!!!

  6. Great story and photos! Love the stripey straws.

  7. Oh...can I sneak in for breakfast? Can't wait to see the girls' responses to their Valentine's. :-)