Friday, September 28, 2012

Birds Of A Feather . . .

Happy Friday My Sweet Friends!
And when I say sweet I mean so stinkin' sweet!

Thank you SO much for all your loving and encouraging thoughts on Wednesday.
I thought of them all throughout my day yesterday 
as I was making my way through the laundry piles.
I mean truly, you guys made me smile as I was switching loads.

From what I gathered from all your precious comments is, 
we're all in kinda the same boat.

Isn't that encouraging?
We all have crumbs!
And laundry piles . . .
And messy closets . . .
And . .  . 
Ok, you get the point.

And since we're all in this together, I wanted to share a summary of what I learned from all your comments:

  1. We all have crumbs and gobs of laundry- mainly created by a house full of children
  2. In those moments of "aghhhhhhhhh!" we need to remember to be thankful for those sweet fingers that made all those fingerprints on the window because, as we all know, our precious gifts are growing up too fast.  Before we know it, we'll wish those lil' crumb makers were still home with us.  Just writing that makes my heart ache.
  3. When our friends come over, they're not there to make sure we dusted the top of the fridge, they're there to break bread with us and enjoy sweet fellowship.
  4. A home is not defined by how clean it is, but rather the love that is created and growing there- by the sweet giggles and daily life lessons.
  5. Really, your friends will feel more at home if you leave the dust bunnies.
  6. We should not attempt this homemaking thing without the guidance of our Heavenly Father- He's right there ready to help, we just need to remember to seek Him and ask for help.

So thank you sweet friends for loving on me and blessing my socks off with your words of wisdom.
If we were neighbors, I'd love to invite you over  for some fresh baked cookies,

even if I hadn't cleaned up the baking mess.

But since you're too far away, I chose a random number to mail a set of these fun dictionary page feathers.
I spotted these on Pinterest a few weeks ago and could hardly wait to make some.
This creative gal gives an excellent tutorial complete with templates.

So with the help of my adorable assistants  . . . . . 

Just wanted to do a little something to say thank you.
I really do appreciate you guys.

You  can do a 'pop in' any ol' time!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. so cute! i love those feathers :) i'm glad you got some sweet encouragement on wednesday. we all need it!

  2. yay! Your little cuties picked my name!!! :)

  3. Your list of truths are all so true. Finger prints on windows for some reason don't bother me in between cleanings but toys all over the place do... guess I need to be more thankful that we are able to give our children toys :) You are the sweetest to send someone those paper feathers!

  4. Cute feathers! Enjoy your weekend with your sweet family!

  5. fun! What a great post. :)

  6. So cute! Love these sweet pictures! xo