Monday, October 1, 2012

Scenes From A LOVELY Weekend

Happy Monday!

I truly hope you are starting this week feeling refreshed and ready.
We had a great weekend.
I mean a really really great weekend.
We actually had time to play together and it was just delightful.

Friday we went to the pumpkin patch. 
It's one of my favorite days of the year.

 So many fun things to do.
 We went with my cousin and his precious family.
 These kids LOVE hanging out with each other.

With all my pumpkins,
of course I needed to do some porch fluffing.

Since our weather will be turning chilly later on this week,
I had to embrace my inner 'Ma' and prepare for the cold weather.
While Josh was cleaning the chimney, I got started on splitting wood.
I was SO proud of these two

They worked really hard.

So with the chores done,
we were able to embrace the rest of the weekend.

 I made yet another wreath.

 We went for another after dinner hike.

And finished up the sweet weekend gazing at the amazing 
Harvest Moon.

It was a delightful weekend indeed.
I feel relaxed and ready for a new week.
 Just after I finish a few more cups of coffee . . .

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!


  1. but first, COFFEE! i'm right there with you sister!
    got my cinnamon spice on the warmer. :)
    YOUR PORCH IS AMAZING!!! love it!
    and isn't going to the pumpkin patch so much fun?
    i've bought several pumpkins already, but i need to find a pumpkin patch!
    that harvest moon is gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as you and your are so adorable.

  2. wow - looks like so much fun! What an amazing family weekend :) You guys are just too cute! xo.

  3. Love your porch, Amy! Montana looks so beautiful- it has been years since I've been there. What a great family picture y'all took- that one needs to be framed! I'm jealous of the after dinner hikes...I need to find someone local and near our house so we can do stuff like that. I haven't explored the area much since we moved here 2 years ago- sad, I know!

  4. Your porch is beautiful!! How fun would it be to sit on the cute red swing. You live in such a beautiufl part of the country. LOVE your fun welcome wreath~
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. whoa!! how'd you get that pic of the moon?? mine never turn out that good!!
    i had to smile at the thought of you splitting wood. it doesn't surprise me at all ;)


  6. Splitting wood sounds amazing. I'm impressed! Looks like you guys had a great time!! Your porch looks awesome!

  7. oh Amy, i have total porch envy! yours is beautiful :)

  8. I really, really like that frame with Welcome strung across it. So cute. And I agree about the porch - stunning!

  9. Girlfriend you are amazing! Splitting the wood????!!!! I think my hubby would fall over dead if he found me doing that! Hahaha! What state do you guys live in? Once I saw the pic of your cute cabin, I imagine somewhere nice and cozy that needs a wood fireplace:) But mostly I wished we lived closer, because you are a girl I would love to spend some time with!
    Love the porch fluffing too:)
    Have a great day!