Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Keepin' It Real

Hello Friends!

This is a humbling post today,
but one I feel the Lord nudging me to write.

I have an issue.

Ok, really I have several, but this post is humbling enough so we'll just talk about this one.
My issue has to do with my home and the image I feel like I need to have.

See, blogging is easy, I can really fake it and pretend that I've got it all together.
I can make a craft and zoom in just right so you don't see the the surrounding mess.
I can show you my happy laundry room after cleaning it all sparkly.
But to be honest, I DO NOT have it all together.

At any given day there is an area of my house that I would be mortified if you popped in and saw how messy it was.

I have this idea that my home needs to be 'Martha Stewart perfect' before I invite any guest over.
But the reality is, we have a very sweetly busy and FULL life.
I get behind in my cleaning.
Laundry piles up.

Dust bunnies start taking flight.

The sunlight shines in just right to reveal that sneaky cobweb.

I'm wiping up the breakfast mess just in time to start dinner. 

I loose important paperwork because it is under a huge pile on my desk.

I make it to another laundry day before fully putting away last weeks laundry. 

Do you know what I'm talking about?

The thing is, this idea that I have to keep up this act that my house is always neat and tidy,
it keeps me from opening my home to family and friends.
If I can't have a perfectly mopped and dusted home, 
I don't invite people over.

But I love to have people over.
I love to share a meal with friends and stay up late playing games and have sweet conversations.
I want to be able to open my home at any given notice.
I want to not be prideful.
So do you see my issue?

Yesterday I was suppose to have a crafting date with a friend and because I didn't have enough time to get caught up on my cleaning, 

I cancelled on her.
But here's the thing.
She came by anyways to bless me with a maple bar and ice cream.
(does she know me or what?)
And I bet she wouldn't have minded my dust or laundry pile or tooth paste smear in the sink.
She came to hang out with ME, not to judge my messy home.

So I sit here humbled.

Lesson learned.

I'm working on it.
I'm trying to chill out and feel  more comfortable if someone happens to see a few dust bunnies.
Like my hubbie says when I'm 'company cleaning'

"It's ok if it looks like we live here"


Trying to keep it real- even with my home.

 Do you know what I'm talking about?


  1. Ummm...When did my SOUL hack your blogger account and write this post! Boy- do we have more in common than ever. With so many kids the house is never as perfect as I want it to be and that makes me grumpy a lot. I'm trying to work on it, too. :) Love ya even more, sweet Amy!

  2. i just want to say that i've been cleaning for 2 days, totally neglecting my responsibilities as a homeschooling mom to try and make my house livable after a long week of batch cooking. it's still terrible. worse than your house! i'll trade you messes girl!

  3. I have the same issue - I clean like crazy before anyone comes over. And 90% of the time there are dirty dishes, laundry, etc. It's every day - normal life. And a messy house is a sign that we're busy with other - more fun things - like our kiddos :)

  4. I struggle with this big time! Sometimes I really blame myself, poor time management or just too much stuff! This past week or so I've been purging and donating and throwing out. My motto truly is "when in doubt, throw it out!". But seriously, you are no different than anyone else. If you have kids and actually LIVE in a house, it's going to look like that. And your friends and family love YOU. Not the way your house looks!:) Don't worry- we're all in it:) Thank you for sharing your heart on this!:)

  5. you're ok, sweet thing. we all have a bit of that perfectionism i think. we all want to have our houses perfect and our laundry done. i have piles in my room to put away...but i'm reading your blog that's love. or procrastination. hmmm :)

  6. I feel the same way! We have a two story so I TRY to keep the downstairs clean;) but the upstairs oh my! Oh and the wash do not even get me started!
    I think your home is beautiful and filled with love and that is all that matters.

  7. Same here! I know the day I catch up with everything is the day all my kids are out of the house. But by then I will miss those messes and wish to go back in time. I try to do the best I can do and love the hardest I can. Sounds like you have an awesome friend. Friends like that are a true blessing :)

  8. Girlfriend!!! Your not alone...keep it real. Hey I have been tossing around an idea and wanted to ask you if you would be my first guinea pig? It would entail you to pick up a bit, take some wonderful shots of your home, send them to me with a post about you, your home and share with readers how your home reflects you, your family and life....and I will post them on my blog. I want to start sharing peoples wonderful homes...I myself love looking at others homes and thought it would be fun to start a home tour series. So would ya be interested in a Home Sweet Home Tour???? If so have your home and pics. ready by next week...Not sure how well we will do but I think it is a good start and see how it grows. I am asking you my dear friend because, I LOVE you and your style and would love to share your home!!! Let me know what you think...If it is too soon...well, I will figure it out...Perhaps start it a bit later. ;) Hugs! Mica

  9. I love a clean house, but I don't think that I'll live in my "standard" of clean while I have children living with me. So, I've had to let it go a little and that's okay. I still have people over. In fact, there was an older mom who had me over when I was a young mom. She had the messiest, crumby floors ever. But you know what? She loved on and cared for me. I remember my visits with her, in her far less than perfect home, to be some of the best mommy growing experiences I've ever had. I think most of us have "lived in" houses, not the houses we see in the magazines. Way to be "real". :)

  10. yup.
    we're kindreds for sure!
    the part about not inviting people over unless things are clean...check!
    laundry in piles...check!
    dishes galore...check!
    love you girl and NONE of our homes are perfect, EVER!
    we're in the same boat, and it feels so good to know we're not alone.

  11. I love you and your house both messy and clean. I am certain when the kids grow up and move out we will miss the messes we live with day to day. Right? :) At least I tell myself that.

  12. Amy, What a great post! And oh so true for a lot of us bloggers. Photo retouching wipes out a bunch of cobwebs and dust bunnies.

  13. i think we all have homes like this, deep down. i let laundry pile up for weeks sometimes!it just reminds me that i need grace and i'm lousy at life on my own... i SO NEED HIM for everything!!

  14. I know exactly what you are talking about. I just went through this same thing yesterday. A good friend texted me asking if she could stop by. Of course, my first thought was to tell her no way! My house is a wreck, laundry & dishes are piled up. I would be mortified. But then, I thought, she must really need to talk because she knows I struggle with "un-announced guests syndrome" so I told her to go ahead and come over. I thought, if she has a problem with my mess, then she is no friend. Good news is that none of it matters anyway so I wish I didnt worry about it so much! You are awesome for sharing this with us! Another reason to love you all the more! Have a great day my friend!
    xoxo, Jen

  15. I totally feel you, however, I have learned to not let it bother me as much. So much so, that I have a few friends that I don't even pick up for anymore. If I have dishes in the sink, well, Hallelujah, we had enough food to eat. Laundry, well, Praise the Lord we have clothes. You know? I like to say, "Love me, love my mess." My husband would disagree, however. ;)

  16. Well, bless your heart, I can only imagine how busy your life is and hard it is for you to stay on top of everything there is to do. But, folks really do not care if your house is perfect, it's the warmth and that special feeling we all get when visiting in someone's home that matters. Blessings my dear!