Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Happy Sunflower Craft

One of the things I love about getting back into the school routine
is I'm way  better at making time for crafting with the girls.

Sadly I never planted my sunflowers this year,
so we decided to make our own.

First thing we did was cut a flower shape out of a paper plate.

Then we painted our flowers.

While the paint was drying we read this book.

One of the challenges with having 4 different 'grades' 
is finding a craft that is suitable for the different level of abilities.

So the big girls did a little weaving.
(I got this idea from the Family Fun magazine)

And the littles just snipped some 'seeds' with yarn.

So now we have our own little sunflower garden!

Now the girls want to add pumpkins and scarecrows!

Hope you have sunny day!