Monday, September 10, 2012

10 On 10 : Saturday Style

It's the 10th!  

So I'm linking up with the beautiful Rebekah at A Bit Of Sunshine
and her fun challenge to 
take 10 pictures in 10 hours 
to capture the beautiful in the ordinary.

I decided to shoot my pics on Saturday because . . . somebody . .  not naming any names . . . but it begins with an 'A' and ends in a 'y' woke up quite the cranky-pants on Saturday.
So it was a perfect day to look for beauty 
in the bits of my ordinary day.

Here we go!

6:30 am
 I ran out of my regular creamer, so I improvised.

8:30 am

10 am
 I struggled with finding beauty in my mountains of laundry.
But I found it!
An empty laundry basket!

11 am
 Watering the flowers.
Have you bought your mums yet?

1 pm
 Lesson planning with a little left over coffee.

2 pm
 Sweet girl crafting a few outfits for her doll.

3 pm
Frozen yogurt date with another sweet girl.

An after dinner hike
(I LOVE this time of day to hike)

7:30 pm
 Heading home

8:30 pm

A sweet way to end our day.

I didn't quite get my 10 pics in 10 consecutive hours.
But it worked!  Intentionally looking for beauty in my day changed my bad attitude.  I highly suggest this challenge any day of the month, even if you don't write a blog.
It's a sweet way to be reminded of all your blessings.

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. how cute is this!! your laundry basket is the prettiest one i've ever seen. definitely gives you motivation to empty it!! : )

  2. I think I want to live in Montana and I know I want to steal your laundry basket! Magical day, my friend! xo

  3. great day! i love your hershey's wrapper by your lesson planner: essentials, of course ;) love you!

  4. Is that hiking place within walking distance from your house, or do you have to drive to get there? Beautiful!

  5. I LOVE empty laundry baskets, they're my favorite :-)

  6. Looks like it was a delicious day!

  7. Glad you were able to find some goodness in your day, that evening hike looks wonderful!

  8. love this!
    you are SO is all around us ALL THE TIME.
    sometimes i get so selfish in between realizing that! :)
    looks like you turned that frown upside down!!!

  9. great job on your pictures! The waffles look delicious, the flowers are beautiful, and that hike looks like it was fun family time!

  10. GREAT set! I want some of those waffles and your laundry room. How cheery is that?!?! :)

  11. Gorgeous, yummy day! And wow, what a hiking place you have, breathtaking.