Monday, August 20, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday My Friends!
Hope you're all feeling refreshed after your weekend!
We had a great one!

It started with the fair.
To be honest, I'm not a huge fair person.

But my Clara LOVES horses, so we went to see the animals.

Now I think my girls want to do 4-H.

We celebrated at my cousins BEAUTIFUL wedding.

It was the sweetest wedding.
So many hands involved to pull off a magical evening.
We love you Daniel and Amber!

In true Amy fashion, I scrambled at the last minute to make a wedding gift.

I work best under pressure.

My $2 garage sale pool is still kickin' and bringing lots of giggles.

My folks left on Sunday.
The day after they leave is always hard and full of tears.
I will be doing my best to be fun today to distract sad hearts.
We had a WONDERFUL visit with my parents and miss them already.
Love you Mom and Dad!

Hope you have a day full of fun today!


  1. What a cute wedding. I love the dessert table and you wedding gift who would not love that!

  2. Beautiful wedding gift! I'm always sad when my parents leave too. Hope you had a good day today.

  3. love how kate is taking a reading break from the pool ;) i do not work well under pressure...your kind amaze me! love you, sweets!! have a great week!!

  4. oh my!!! those forks are the best gifts ever! they will turn into heirlooms. gorgeous. and 4H would be super rad... my best friend growing up did that and she showed her cows at the fair - it was a really neat experience for her!

  5. I am NOT a fair person either. Not one bit. Cutest wedding gift EVER EVER!!!! I am also a work best under pressure kind! So relate! xoxo