Friday, August 17, 2012

Thank You Pinterest!

Happy Friday My Friends!

As you know I threw an ice cream party for my Addy.
To be honest, I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to throw this girl the party she has been dreaming about since her fourth birthday.
This is where my dear friend Pinterest came through and saved the day!

Since all my birthday ideas were creatively borrowed from quite a few creative people,
I thought I'd share the links in case you needed some quick birthday ideas.

First, the invitations- 
 I grabbed some fun paper from my stash and printed off a few free ice cream templates

 A little tracing and snipping

 a little brad

 an envelope from my stash and we're good to go!

I was inspired by this creative gal.

And here are some fun decor ideas:

 The ice cream chandelier

You can get a detailed tutorial from this gal.

Next up, the ice cream balloons:
 Apparently there is a helium shortage in our neck of the woods,
so we had to do some fancy string work to make them hang.

I was inspired by this crafty wizard

The favors:

 I had to make a special trip to our favorite ice cream shop to pick up these pints and gift certificates.
(and just to be polite I had a small cone too- I know, the things ya have to do as a mom.

I bought a bag of wooden spoons, stamped their names, filled the containers with candy and a gift certificate and wallah!
A sweet favor to say thank you for coming!

I was inspired by a picture from
After visiting her blog I couldn't stop reading her past posts.

Many fun places to visit to get food ideas.
Including good ol' Betty Crocker

I really had a blast planning this party.
And I am incredibly thankful for my pal Pinterest for helping this last minute momma plan a birthday bash!

How has Pinterest inspired you lately? 


  1. I feel like you did this entire post for me! grin Love those hanging ice cream cones! Yesterday I did a quick birthday banner in My Digital Studio. So cute! Much more to be done though to avoid the late night the night before the party.

  2. you are just so fun! i love throwing parties :)

  3. I LOVE the favors! I just posted about pinterest on my blog yesterday..I am going to try one recipe a week from pinterest.
    Have a great Friday!