Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Market To Market

Jiggety Jig!

Hello Dearies!

I put in a few fun bags in the ol' shop.

 I thought these bags 
would make going to the farmers market even more fun.

 They're spacious enough to hold all your picnic goodies.

I also narrowed down the stamped silverware choices.
Just look how cute this order turned out!

Can't you just see them poking out of a cake?
Hmmmm . . . . I think I need to make a pair for my family!

Hope you get the chance to be creative today!


  1. oh i love!!! just love!! so lucky to be your friend, talented girl! and what a great idea for a cake topper :)

  2. those bags are adorable!
    i think i'm going to need one with all of the fresh produce i plan on buying this summer!
    gotta look caaauute doing it, right?! ;)
    SUPER cute birthday spoons, too.
    God has blessed you with some crazy talent, sweets.
    love it all. :)

  3. Love the bags! How would shopping not be fun with those cute bags
    Love the spoons..looking forward to them arriving in the mail!! My sister is going to love them!

  4. Adorable goodies!! I saw stamped spoons at a boutique that said, "Yes, Jesus loves me"-loved those!! Just an idea...

  5. oh girl! pretty, pretty. you have such a knack for creating such loveliness. it's a gift, really!

  6. Oh my goodness they are so cute! I love the bag with the pinwheels! How fun! xo