Monday, April 30, 2012

Scenes From A Vintage Lovin' Weekend!

Gooooood Monday Mornin' to you!

I hope ya'll had a splendid weekend!
Mine was dandy indeed!

I had the sweet privilege of helping my friend Collette at a super fun vintage market.

 Collette had 3 booth spaces at the Prairie Sisters Vintage Market in Missoula.

 Isn't that the neatest building??
That's what it looked like before it was hustling and bustling with vintage goodness.

We unloaded our trailer in no time with the help of my awesome husband and these guys

 How cute is Collette?
These 'junk hunks' were SO HELPFUL!

 Here's our booth 'in the works'
Josh mastered the skill of shwooping paper and fabric.

Have I mentioned how patient my husband is?

Here's the space after much shwooping and fluffing:

 It is SO FUN working with all of Collett's amazing vintage treasures.

 Thank you Collette for a fun weekend!

 Here's the adorable Vanessa from Vintage White's Market

 And the cute sisters, Aimmee and Angie from 
'All Things A(door)able'

 I don't know who this gal is, but isn't she precious?

Wanna see what came home with me?

 Ok, I guess I didn't get to drive one of these home.
But don't you think I 'need' a truck like this?

Here's what really came home with me:

 I have been on the search for these Pyrex bowls FOREVER.
So now I just 'need' the other colors.

Just look how cute she looks stacked with my other Pyrex!

I am SO HAPPY about this next score.
The sweet old lady who was selling this little honey had it all collapsed with a silly piece of glass on it for a table.
I am SO GLAD she did 
so I had the chance to snag it before anyone else.
 Say hello to me new hamper.

I know.

Please don't hate me for my hamper. 

 And the last of my scores are a fun pillow, basket and crate.
The crate had me at 'knooks'.

We got home late Saturday night,
so the rest of the weekend was spent getting geared up for the week.

But these lil' ladies

 had a date to the symphony.
And pizza.
And frozen yogurt.

My girls absolutely CHERISH these special dates with  Grandma.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell.
I'm ready to get this week started!

Have a marvelous Monday!!


  1. i totally miss being able to go to antique shows and setting up with my friend!
    i met so many fun people there, and came home with too much stuff! love!
    looks like you had a major blast and i love your treasures! hamper envy right here. :)

    so, can i confess that the reason i haven't sent out your package yet is because i was on the hunt for a red dot pyrex bowl??? true story.
    i've seen them, but i haven't got to hunt as much as i have wanted. so glad you found that little beauty!
    have a super great week...xo.

  2. So, ummm...
    1. I do hate you for your hamper but I'll get over it (someday!).
    2. You do need one of those trucks, I can totally see you driving one! Maybe I need one, too. ha! (It wouldn't hold enough car seats! But it could be my "trip to target truck"!
    3. I LOVE your flower pin! And your out fit is so cute!

  3. P.S. Me again! I just noticed a few spelling errors in my comment. It is early,don't judge me for them! K? Thanks

  4. you were born for this. you have the perfect eye for junk! : ) and junk hunks are hilarious.

  5. I'm new to your blog but I enjoyed so much surfing about your posts. Your (new) kitchen is AWESOME! I think I'll become a regular reader :-) Ciao from Italy!

  6. Love your new hamper!! It will make doing the wash "fun" ;)

  7. Um, I could never hate you BUT I am so jealous of that hamper. Like seriously jealous. The booth was so awesome. You all are too cute!

  8. oh my junky goodness!!! i keep thinking: next summer, we're gonna do this! next summer, we're gonna do that! did i tell you i think i might drive?? drive=stuff i can buy! yeah! xo, a.

  9. So happy you had a good time, I love your finds! :)

    BTW - I'm Sam from RoseVintage(the little camper mobile shop)! Thanks so much for including a photo of us from the "party"!