Friday, April 27, 2012

For You

Happy Friday My Dear Ones!

I want to say
so much for sharing in my goofy joy over my kitchen.

It was
to read all your comments and share them with my 
handy, hot, carpenter husband.

I love that you see and appreciate all the little things that make me 
when I walk in my kitchen.

Oh how I would love to invite you over for a chat.
So instead, I made you some cookies.

Here are a few tips before diving into this recipe:

You need to allow a little time before mixing all your ingredients

 to melt the butter and INSTANT coffee granules

 You also need to make sure you allow this mixture to cool before adding to the sugar and eggs.
Or you may have bits of scrambled eggs in your dough.
Ahem- of course that's never happened to me.

Don't forget to slightly toast your walnuts while melting your butter.
It really makes a yummy difference.

Another essential step

 is to taste test the chocolate chips.

 It really is the little things that make all the difference.

And always always have a clean up crew.

I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we do!

Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookies

3/4 cup butter                                                                 1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 Tbsp. INSTANT coffee granules                                1 large egg
2 cups PLUS 2 Tbsp. flour                                            1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp. baking soda                                                        1 package semi sweet chocolate
1/2 tsp. salt                                                                      1 cup walnut halves, toasted
1 cup packed brown sugar

Place walnuts on a cookie sheet and toast.  Combine butter and coffee granules in saucepan and melt over med. low heat.  Remove from heat and let mixture cool to room temperature (don't let butter re-solidify).

Combine dry ingredients.  In mixer, combine butter mixture, sugars, and eggs.  Beat until well blended.  Gradually stir in flour mixture, just until blended.  Add chocolate and nuts.  Bake on an ungreased baking sheet in a 325 oven for 12-14 minutes.  Let cool slightly on baking sheets before removing to a rack.

Have a splendid weekend!


  1. Wish we could chat over some of those yummy cookies! Cute helper too! You must love cooking more in your new kitchen :) I told my husband that when our bathroom is done that I would clean it more often. SO he doesn't have to. HA!
    Have a great weekend! XO

  2. Mmmm... I plan on making your chocolate peanut butter cookies tomorrow for my friend's birthday party. They'll be a hit! Have a great weekend!

  3. Sounds yummy! I would love to sit in your beautiful new kitchen and chat over a cookie as well!!
    I love the cookies in the jar. I just started using a pretty glass jar like your jar to put fresh baked cookies in as well They look so pretty that way and it makes me not want to eat them as fast....a win win!

  4. Yum! I'd love to sit in one of those fabulous chairs at your bar and eat the whole jar of cookies with a glass of milk in a mason jar! (I'm on a diet right now! ha!)

  5. I met the girls at Station 8 today, what an amazing place!! I've seen a lot of antique stores and that one's easily my favorite....I wouldn't have known about it if not for finding you. :-) So thanks! Have a great weekend!!

  6. yummmmmmm!
    can you even imagine all of us girls getting together for cookies and chatting?
    the BOMB!
    have a great weekend!

  7. yummmmmmmy!!!! if i had your cheery kitchen i'd be baking all day!

  8. oh my those looked good! now i'm all sugar cravin'...shame on you.