Friday, May 4, 2012

Bits Of Happy

Happy Friday my friends!

Here are a few snippets of happy 
happenin' around our household.

 Kaitlyn and Clara are in Cross Country.
 It is so fun watching those girls race.

 They both have improved each race.
Clara even got a ribbon this week!
They run a 1/2 mile.
I don't think I would make it.
I should probably practice with them.

Don't you think

 these blue enamel utensils are the sweetest?

If you get Country Living they might seem familiar,
they thought they were cute too.
If you need them you can get them here.

I am so blessed to have the most talented sous chefs
They baked the most delicious banana bread.

 Don't you love when breakfast is ready
before your first cup of coffee?

I'm training my girl

 to make ice cream.
Yummy yummy ice cream.
It truly is a life skill.

Do you have this ice cream maker yet?
I'm telling you, if you eat ice cream, you NEED it.
I'll share all my sweet concoctions with you.
And I happened to notice it's on sale at Costco right now.

Your welcome.

We got a new couch.
So of course being the sentimental sap I am
we took our last pictures on it before they hauled it away.

Oh how I adore my goofy girls.

I think you're about caught up on the randomness in my life.

Hooray for Friday!
Make it a great weekend!!


  1. Where's the picture of the new couch? I'm starting to run every night for exercise - tell your girls they are inspiring me!


  2. what a fun week!! i can see now why we can only have three minute convos...too much stuff happenin! :) so i love that your girls are in cc. i almost don't want my kids to do sports ever...i'm way too competitive and i don't want to be the crazy mother. i love josh's face in that shot as the girls run by :D too funny. and about the ice cream maker...i have a $20 jobby from target and it works OK, but i KNOW that cuisinart would totally rock some ice cream...and if you have it, i should def have it because i know you're the ice cream queen!
    love you sweet thing...will call you later today. hoping for at least a 10 minute convo :)

  3. Sweet goofy girls!! I think I need one more....just kidding ;) I love that your girls are running cross country. That is so awesome. I would love an ice cream maker but my waistline would not like me very much. It's already mad enough. Ha! Oh and how sweet are your little sous chefs! Have a great weekend dear friend!!! xo

  4. bread for breakfast is my love language. : ) and oh my word... your girls in cross country?? cutest thing ever! i was in cross country in high school and loved it. can't wait for my kids to be old enough. happy new couch to you!

  5. We have that ice cream maker!! I got it at the Pottery Barn outlet (they sell William Sonoma also) for cheap cheap 2 years ago. We love it. Have you ever tried putting lemonade in it? YUM- it makes a nice slushy cold drink, perfect for summer. Also, mix up some instant pudding, throw it in and it makes a really tasty cold treat!

  6. and coming here gives me the smiles. Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Looks live you had a fun week! Love your bread box~
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I am looking forward to following your blog too! Your girls are so beautiful. Don't you love how they get the opportunity to do so many things with you just because we are blessed to be able to homeschool. Enjoy your weekend! I'll forward to making another blog friend!

  9. cross country was my favorite sport at school!! loved it!! and yes those blue utensils are gorgeous!!