Monday, May 7, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Gooooood Monday Morning!
Hope you had a delightful weekend.
I had a very enjoyable weekend being a homebody.
I left the house for the grocery store and church, that was it.
It was lovely.

Saturday was a rainy day.
Non-stop rain.
I loved it.
Josh was gone at a 'work day' at church all day,
so the girls and I did all the things you're suppose to do on a rainy day.

 Like getting out the toys that are on the top shelf of the closet.

 And building forts

And baking bread

 But not just ordinary bread

 Nana's cinnamon swirl bread.
It's a family favorite.

While the girls were knee- deep in forts and dress-up

 I spent some time making clips.

We ended our day

 honoring Cinco de Mayo with yummy Mexican food.

After church on Sunday, 
we did the things you're suppose to do on a Sunday.
 Like relax

 and learn how to climb rope ladders

And a little more relaxing

And getting cozy by the fire.

 And making dinner over the fire

We ended the weekend with s'mores and a family soccer game.
It was a perfect ending.

Sometimes homebody weekends are just what I need.

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We have toys on a top shelf that come down on special occasions, too. That bread looks amazing!

  2. what a sweet time. your clips are on my wish list. : ) i'm thinking for my girl's 2nd birthday she needs some! grilled out dinner is my favorite kind. yumm!!!

  3. i'll be over for cinco de mayo leftovers for lunch! :D
    have an awesome week!

  4. Loooovee quiet weekends at home! We have a firepit...I should grill out over it more! Yes, that bread looks amazing! I was wondering what you were crafting up this weekend, blooms! Love it. XO

  5. beautiful stuff here. love the pineapples on the grill...mmmm. you are speaking my food language :)

  6. Your cinco de mayo dinner looks yummy. I would love for it to be cinco de mayo everyday!