Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes . . . .

In the midst of a laundry pile

and stepping over coats that have been left on the floor

 and walking by the dishes

 I forget that MUCH sooner than I'd like 
there will be less laundry and not enough coats and just a few dishes.
I forget to cherish this sweet busy chapter.

Sometimes I choose to fill my morning with meaningless things
instead of starting it with God.
 I forget that my days are always better when I start with prayer.

Sometimes I make a judgement before I know all the facts.

 The girls were suppose to be doing their quiet time
 I heard voices and assumed they were off task.
Only to turn the corner and find this scene.
Pure sweetness.

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with school, housework, yadda yadda yadda

 that I feel like I'm too busy to stop and snuggle and read a book

 or kiss a boo boo
 and I forget that before I know it
 my babies won't fit in my lap anymore.

I need make time to create lil' sweet moments 

 and I forget that it doesn't take much to delight the hearts of my girls.
Like painting their piggies.

And when I'm in the hub bub of it all, I forget to take little moments for myself.

Even if it's a five minute popsicle break between loads of laundry.

And thanks to my sweet friend 
 and her Happy Day project
I took a little break to paint my nails a sassy red.
I never paint my fingernails
but can I just say . . .

I'm digging it!

(why does my hand look so old?)
I think I'll take a few more nail painting breaks.

I need to remember to focus on the meaningful.
Everything else is just busy junk.

I'm linking up with Alicia.
You really should join in on the happy project fun.
Even if you don't have a blog.
Next week she has challenged to make a summer list.
Just for me.
Oh how I love making lists!


I hope you take a minute today to create sweet moments.
And remember, it doesn't take much.


  1. Good Morning Amy I love to follow your blog about you and your family today's was just another reason why! I know you are on the right track so remember to breath, ENJOY, and and cherish these days. Kay

  2. hey sweetie! it's true - these days, these dishes and laundry, they are fleeting. and while there will be other joys with each stage, i can't help but think i'm going to miss this time the most! xoxo.

  3. this is pure gold for me this morning.
    i have lost the joy in the everyday and i'm begging God to bring it back.
    thank you so much, dear friend.
    your nails look great! and it's funny, cause i just looked at my hands and asked my daughter why they looked so old?! :) yours look great, though. ;)
    lots of love.

  4. Thanks for this reminder! It's so true! After reading your entry from last weekend in which there was fort-making, swirl bread making, hammock-laying, cooking over a fire, etc. with your sweet family, I think you can be confident that you are a wonderful mom to your 4 precious girls. This blog has documented all the wonderful things you do with your family, and I love it! It inspires me to do more with mine! It seems true to me that God give us extraordinary moments among the ordinary. May He bless you with many, many extraordinary moments with your girls while you do the day to day!

  5. You are so right! This time is got me this morning. I am crying in my coffee. I was just telling Bobby the other day that I will miss this craziness when it is gone. It is hard to remember when times are rough and everything is piled up. Thank you sweet friend for this reminder. This is why I love you! Have a great day lady! xo the nail polish! You need red lipstick though. I didn't link up, but I still plan on finding the perfect shade of red for my pie hole. HA!

  6. such good stuff today, love. i wanna be neighbors. can we work that out? can y'all just come in june and not go back? or something like that?? :)
    ok, so thank you for linking and i'm so glad you took some breaks for you and for your loves. i want an orange-sicle now...

  7. So true. It all goes by so fast and it seems like we are always busy.
    I love the popsicle break and the red polish!