Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 On 10: May

Hello My Lovelies!

It's the 10th!
I'm linking up with the sweet new momma Rebekah.
You can read all about this fun project here.
Basically, 10 pictures in 10 hours- finding beauty in the ordinary.

Here was my day in a nutshell

 Always, always coffee FIRST

 Oatmeal for breakfast

 Quiet times
These girls are such best buds

 School time

 The last of the Girl Scout cookies
A bitter-sweet moment

 Off to the post office . . .
Oh please oh please get there before Sunday!

 The simple joys of being a kid

 My life was forever changed yesterday.
If you're a regular reader you know how much I LOVE my ice cream maker.
A sweet reader told me about this trick- 
juice + ice cream maker = slushies in 15 minutes
These pink lemonade slushies were deeeelicious! 

Oh just think of the possibilities!

 The girls approved too

 Oh hello first tulip.
Thank you for rising above the weeds.

 Kait got tired of chasing the butterflies,
so she started gathering weeds flowers.

 Chili and cornbread for dinner!

Well, that was a glimpse of my day.
Ok, it was really 12 pictures, but who's counting right?
I love these days when I 'm click happy with my camera.
It really does help me find beauty in the simplest of tasks.

I hope you're able to find beauty in your day today!



  1. Great photos! They invite me in and make me want to come over!!

  2. Wonderful photos! And thanks for the love about my lemonade/ice cream maker tip! Isn't it WONDERFUL!?!

    1. Wow, that sure is a row of cereal!!! All looks real good!

  3. Love that coffee sign- so cute!! I wish I had an ice cream maker!!


  4. Oooh, I'm gonna do it! Thanks for making us aware of the fun. I, too, love the coffee sign!

  5. Love the fresh coffee sign!

  6. What an ordinary, but beautiful day! We are so blessed to be able to stay at home with our babies!!
    I so badly want an ice cream maker! I guess I'll start savin' my pennies :)

  7. Great pictures! My girls love to pick me dandelions too, just did a post on that a couple days ago :-)


  8. Lovely pictures....happy to have found your blog. :-)

  9. I am going to give that ice cream recipe a try. I love ice cream and even did a post about it a week or so ago.

  10. have you heard of the $20 donut maker form target? oh, yeah! i want one!
    ok, that was random, but i LOVE your day in pics!!!
    i started doing it, but then got surprise there!
    thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.
    love you. :)

  11. Love your set...and now I need an ice cream maker!

  12. Chili and cornbread sound so delicious! The ice-cream maker trick is pretty much a genius idea! My hubby will love that! Also, I love how your girlies are the best of friends. So sweet!

  13. Beautiful pictures, beautiful day!
    Mmmm, pink lemonade slushies sounds amazing! I bet I could do the same in the Vitamix with frozen berries, lemonade and ice cubes...I'll have to try.
    Tulip is so pretty, great Spring picture.

  14. seeing the girls doing their quiet times makes my heart glad. how sweet! love that you are instilling it in them ASAP.