Monday, May 21, 2012

Scenes From A Weekend Away With My Honey

What up G?

The hubsters and I had a delightful weekend away.
We took our bi-annual trip to Spokane.

We always have SO MUCH fun.
I think it's so important to take little trips just the two of us.
We go out to eat, go to the movies, be SPONTANEOUS, 
oh . . .  and junking of course!
Don't you agree that 'g' just had to come home with me?

 Sonic slushies, fun coffee throughout the day,

 Krispy Cream,  . . . . it doesn't take much to woo me.

I needed to stock up on some good ol' junk for my space at Station 8.
We had half the suburban filled before we were half way there.
(Note to self- bring a trailer next time.)

It just so happened that there was a vintage market while we were there.

 Josh is an expert packer.

We hit all my favorite stores, 
including Pink

 Isn't this book wall amazing?

We filled the car in no time.

We scored some pretty fun stuff.
We already dropped most of it off at storage.
Here's a little glimpse

 Hello happy bright yellow laundry basket.

Hello to you too amazing, industrial, super heavy, stainless steel shelving unit.
I can't wait to get you all cleaned up!

My favorite score is still in the back of my car.
It needs to go to Station 8 ASAP 
or it will end up staying in my house.
Occupational hazard.

I'm starting this week rested and rejuvenated.
We only have 2 more weeks of school!
Piano recital tonight, last cross country race on Tuesday,  . . .
things are wrapping up nicely.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!


  1. oh, you were so close to me, but still so far away! i love the stainless shelving unit. i could never let it leave me. keep it girl!! oh, i hope you do! it's lovely!!

  2. gahhh! you did not just say 'what up g'!
    i say that all the time! so funny!
    and yes, you NEEDED that.
    two words{ok, three} DREAMY.WEEKEND. #jealous :)
    my hubby and i used to go for weekends antiquing in iowa. SO MUCH FUN.
    because of money, we haven't gone, but i hope we can again someday!
    you two are just the bees knees and i think it's so sweet that your hubby supports you in your junking and that you can enjoy it together. blessed indeed!
    we're on the school homestretch too...can't wait!

    i want to come to station 8, like right now! :)
    have a WONDERFUL week!!!

  3. what a fun time! that book wall is divine. really. wow!!! hope these next two weeks fly by!

  4. Cross country??? your kids? where do they do that through? I love all your finds. LOVE.

  5. Oh my cuteness! How cute are you two! How awesome that you went away for the weekend, I wish hubby and I did that more..if only we had childcare :) I love all of your amazing finds. I wish I could shop in your storage unit too. ha!
    Have a wonderful week pretty lady!