Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Go Shopping!

Good Morning fellow vintage lovin'  pals!

I dropped off a fun piece of furniture at Station 8 yesterday
and came home wanting to spiff up my own home.
Need a little spring inspiration?
Let's go shopping!

 Hello happy pops of sunshine!

 Do you get it?
'Spring Time'
Those girls are so clever!

Remember that piece of furniture I told you about yesterday?
The one that needed to get into the shop ASAP 
or else it would find a happy home with me.

 Do you love it as much as I do?
Wouldn't it make the most PERFECT craft table?

I hope you were as inspired as I was!
I'm off to get through school so I can do the laundry so I can clean the house and then . . . .
make it all purty for spring!

Nothin' like a little motivation right?

Hope you have a day FULL of inspiring beauty!


  1. Oh my word! What a cute store! Where is this? Thank you for sharing! And that table is fabulous:)

  2. i see what i'd do with it now. i'd kick my computer off it's ugly ikea table and it would look sooo good on that table! i love it! you did a good job! good luck with the cleaning--my days sort of went up in flames yesterday so i gave up and literally didn't do a thing!

  3. SOLD!
    you are a better woman than me!
    i woulda held onto that beauty! :)
    but i get the whole, 'i bought it to sell' thing...been there done that. :)
    sometimes it's just so hard, though.
    you have a great eye sweetie!
    have fun sprucing!!! one of my favorite things to do!

  4. Oh my heck G! I would have kept that table! Station 8 looks so amazing! I wish I could go shoppin there :) Have fun cleaning! I have been doing a bit myself..bought some new kitchen curtains and organized some clothes. Yay! xo

  5. the yellow is so exquisite!!! and that pillow?! dreamy city!

  6. you need that table!! you need it!!
    ok, my family is gone...i'm back to blog world!! excited to catch up :)

  7. Amy your photos make my shop look amazing! Thank you! and bye bye to the industrial table! Gone!

  8. Is that table already sold? I love it!