Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Good afternoon!
I never post this late!
I was suppose to have this post for Alicia's Happy Day Project yesterday.
Thankfully she accepts late assignments.
And I'm pretty much a day late with everything lately!
This week's challenge was a wild card- anything HAPPY!
So I decided to get a little caught up with her previous assignments.
She only knocks off a few points for tardiness.

Happy Day # 4 Organize Something

With 4 little ladies in this house -plus Josh and I- we have a serious shoe thing happenin.'
We have shoes coming out of our ears!
I didn't take a before picture because I am much too prideful for that,
but just imagine a bazillion and one pairs of shoes kinda organized in random plastic containers placed randomly throughout the closet.
It was drivin' me BONKERS!
So I finally did something about it!

 I can breathe a little easier now.

Happy Day # 7 Organize/Plan Your Garden

So I didn't quite get this done, but it's because there is still snow on Columbia Mountain, and they say not to plant until it's melted.
I didn't believe this native tale, but I learned my lesson a few June's ago when it snowed all over my freshly planted EVERYTHING!
But I have been busy in the weeding department.

All those light colored leaved are actually a flower, but they take over like a noxious weed.
A bit of gardening advice- stay away from 'clustering bellflower'

It's suppose to be wet and cold this weekend,
but I'm hoping to get a bit of dirt under my fingernails.

Happy Day # 9 Make a Summer List For ME!

Our family loves making a summer fun list.
We plan on making one for this summer on the last day of school.
But Lish challenged us to make a list for ourselves!

I've already started  a second sheet.
It may look more like a 'to do' list than a 'fun' list.
But all those things bring me much joy.
I'm kinda nerdy like that.

So you should join Alicia's Happy Day Project.
This week she is challenging us to actually DO one of the projects we've pinned!  
Oh I hope I'm on time with this one!

Hope you've had a HAPPY day! 


  1. i just posted, too! :)
    must be the day...
    love your happy day projects...i gotta get on that.
    this student is FAILING! :)

  2. oh i so love your "catching up!" that's too know you don't have to do that right?? like i'll still be your friend if you don't link :) i was wondering what's been up with you...saw you hadn't posted in a glad to see you! :)

    love your list. mine is like yours now...first it was all fun stuff. now it's a lot more "worky" but i like worky, so that's ok :)

    xo, a

    ps: talk to you soon!

  3. Okay, love your penmanship! Also, your list is lovely!


  4. What a long list lady! It all looks great though, except for the camping twice a month! hehe! I might have to link up next week cause I love doing things I have pinned. I actually already have so maybe I will just blog about that :) xoxo

  5. I love your list!!! :) Lists of all kinds make me happy.