Friday, May 25, 2012

A Happy Lil' Table

This winter I learned something about myself.

I am a fair-weather painter.

I had a storage full of furniture that needed my attention and I could not muster up the will to work on them.
I don't like painting inside.

So as soon as we had our first sunny day above 50 degrees,
I pulled out a piece to work on.

Do you see the potential?

After sanding and priming, I did a coat of aqua, knowing that I wanted a fun color to peak through.

 This lil number added a fun pop of color in my shop.

And she already sold, 
so now I just need another sunny day.

This summer is going to be paintalicious!

Hope you have a wonderful 3 day weekend.
I am so thankful for all those who have served our country.
And for all those families who have felt the absence of their loved one for serving our country.
Thank you!


  1. i'm SUCH a blog stalker, but i came back because did i read yesterday that you are going to do VINTAGE in your etsy shop? do tell! i have been tossing that idea around myself and if you are, help me please! :))))
    your table is divine! do you know how many unpainted curb projects i have stored in my garage?
    embarrassing! i wish i had a great outlet to sell at like you! you sell things left and right and i'm SO happy for you!
    ok...a summer painting party is IN ORDER!!! let's start an invite list!
    hey, i can dream, right?
    happy weekend!

  2. Love this! Sure wish I lived closer because your shop has so many cute things!

  3. oh cute! i love the blue peeking out! i sort of detest painting furniture....i must not have good technique. it never turns out quite right!!

  4. What a ca-ute little table!!! I LOVE the colors! I too loathe painting furniture. I am still trying to get the motivation to paint that dresser. I need color inspiration :)
    I hope you have an awesome holiday weekend! xoxo

  5. love it! well, check that off the list, huh?! and yeah that it's sold!!!

  6. Love that surprise it sold so fast!

  7. dreamy little table..... xo