Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Quick Free Craft


How is it Thursday already?
Is anyone else a few days behind?
Does anyone else have summer fever?

I sure do!

Last week I needed to spiff up my spot at Station 8.
It just wasn't looking quite like 'me'.
So I decided to do a quick craft to add a little whimsey to my space.
Since I put myself on a spending freeze (ho hum)
I had to get creative with supplies I already had.
So this is what I came up with.

 First, I made my girls have an apple sauce snack 
because I needed another jar.  
Yes, it is true, I buy a certain type of applesauce because of the jar.

After scrubbing it out, I gathered my supplies.

 A little thrifting tip: always check out the craft section.  
I'm always hoarding wisely buying vintage lace from thrift stores.  Lace comes in handy ALL the time in a crafty world.

 I then wrapped my jar in another crafting staple- burlap.

 And since ya'll know how burlap behaves, I coated the edges with my trusty Fray Check to keep the thing from unraveling.

To finish up, I layered with a bit of lace.

I think they would make adorable tea light holders.
But since I don't want to burn Station 8 down, 
I decided to whip up a few fun pinwheels.

Here's a little glimpse how it sweetened up my space.

I don't really expect anyone to buy these,
but I love the 'fun' element it adds to my little vintage corner of fun.
Then when I have more stuff to add, I get to bring them home and add a little happy to my home!

The moral of this little story: It is wise to hoard crafting supplies! 

Hope you have a happy day!


  1. You're so right that those little details make a difference! I am one that will buy something from somewhere or stay in one place a little longer just because the owner took that extra time to take pride in their space!

    Good call! And, thanks for the tutorial, I had never seen that "fringe tame" before - I'll have to add it to my (chaotic mountain)sensibly stocked crafting station.

  2. those are so cute! i have a ton of cute jars around here just looking to be spruced up!

    i might have to carve out some time this weekend to do that!!

    have a great weekend!!

  3. I fully support craft supply hoarding! adorable!

  4. I love that you buy a special jar of applesauce. Sounds like something I would do! I love the jars with the burlap and lace on them too! So cute! The pinwheels are adorable! Whatcha been up to this week dear lady? Hugs! xo

  5. Cute craft--I love pinwheels. They are so happy to me! Have a great day, Jean

  6. super cute craft!
    i heart burlap and lace together. :)
    and you are SO right about snatching up lace and crafty things at thrift stores...
    hope you're having a great week girlfriend!
    spring fever has hit me BAD, too!
    school? what school???

  7. Those are cute!!! That fray check is wonderful stuff, have been using it for years, but keep up away from kids. We always did, but one time my baby brother knocked it off the file cupboard accidentally and squirted it into his eye.