Monday, May 14, 2012

Scenes From Mother's Day Weekend

Gooood Monday Morning!

I hope you all had a pampered Mother's Day!
 I was sweetly spoiled.
My family made me feel incredibly loved and I had all my favorite food.
I didn't wash a dish, give a bath or wipe a bum.
It was delightful.

On Saturday,

 Kaitlyn and I had a date at I Hop.

 We did some yard work.
Some serious weeding.

 If it's a special day for me and I get to choose dinner, it's usually fried chicken and ribs.
Mmmmm . . .mmm

 After baths, Addy got a little trim.
Saturday was a great day.


I had a sweet start to my Mother's Day

maple bars say 'I love you.'

 I was showered with home-made gifts.
The best kind of gifts.

 Maggie and Addyson were doing each other's hair.
So sweet.

 After church we did a bit more yard work,

 soaked in some sun,

 and played in the sprinklers.

We had a sweet finish
stuffing our faces with strawberry shortcake.

I loved my weekend.
It felt like summer.

Hope you have a sun-shiny day! 


  1. Glad you had a wonderful day! You definitely deserve it! It was my first mothers day this year and I gotta say - its not too shabby!

  2. I may or may not have tried to jump through the computer and grab a maple bar. My favorite! I am glad you had a great day!!!!

    Happy Monday!

  3. What a super sweet weekend! Mine kind of looked the same...except I held the hose and had fun squirting the kiddos in the face. tehe. Hugs!!

  4. ok, now i want some donuts. glad your family treated you well this weekend, pretty mama! : )

  5. looks like a fabulous day! and it just wouldn't be a celebration at the giffin house without donuts, right!? when you come i'm gonna have donuts every day for ya :) well, maybe not every single day... (did you get your ticket yet!? i'm itching to know!! :D)
    look at josh just snipping away! are you sure you don't want me to cut their hair?? i'm really good and get repeat customers all the time...uh, not really.
    oh, also...are those ray bans you're wearing?? i'm eying a pair that look just like that. we are so alike it's so freaky!