Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Inspiration


Need a little inspiration to 'springify' your digs?

Yesterday I 'needed' to pop in to Station 8.
I always try to remember to bring my camera
because the girls are always changing up the place.
I'm so glad I did because they created the funnest space!

 Hello Spring!

 I'm currently attempting to convince my hubbie that we 'need' this amazing metal piece.
Don't you think we 'need' it?

 Here's a glimpse at the latest piece I brought in to my space.

 Hello happy lockers!
These are perfect for FUN storage!

And I figured out the perfect formula for cleaning up old lockers:

Hot husband + power washer = squeaky clean lockers

If you live in the area,
you really need to come take a look at the shop for yourself.
Every inch is filled with amazing vintage goodness.

If you don't live in the area,
sorry for the tease . . .
but I hope you were inspired!

Have a springalicious day!



  1. you KNOW i would totally buy you out girl!! love your space!!

    love love love the lockers! we have a set here, too! i hosed them off and scrubbed for hours.
    and oh yes, you NEEEEED that galvanized metal storage thingy! i want it!

  3. LOVE...can you ship the lockers in an envelope over to me? That would be rad. ph happy Spring day...Hugs your way...Love, Mica

  4. Ooh yeah you need the metal piece!! Those lockers are so cute- they would be so adorable at the inside of an entry way- to use as a cubby for each family member! Ah, so cute!


  5. Yikes!!! I'm glad this adorable vintage shop is not near me! Trouble! Have a blessed Easter weekend :)

  6. i've decided i need station 8 to set up shop in my house. : )

  7. Love the lockers! My husband informed me yesterday that his work was getting rid of lockers kind of like in gray. Now if only I can find a place to put them :)

  8. I think I will purchase a big bed and just live in the middle of Station 8. They won't mind, right?

  9. What a lovely find! Have a wonderful weekend ahead, Kellie xx