Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A little Spring Art Project

We've been so busy lately, 
 I've been slacking on crafty time with the girls.
 On Monday we had a little extra time with piano being cancelled
so I tried to think of a quick and easy craft.

A few weeks ago I organized all my pretty scrapbook paper.
I ended up with a pile of scraps and random sheets that I knew I would never use.
(does anyone else have a hard time throwing away 
scraps of pretty paper?)
 So instead of getting rid of them, I shoved them back in the cupboard hoping to use them with the girls.

This is what they made

They first painted their background.

Then they had fun with the pretty paper cutting out flowers.

The girls had fun being creative with different paper combos and buttons.

Then they got a little rowdy when I was trying to take a picture.

and woke up sleeping beauty.
With potty training, we just leave out the pants in our outfits.
Makes it easier to 'make it' to the toilet.

This little craft took no time at all
and the girls appreciated the crafty time.

Hope you get a chance to be creative today!



  1. Oh my cuteness! What a great project! Your cuties did great! I feel like I always say this, but I need to do this with my girls. I just feel like time is so limited these days. I should make time though. I am sure we could all benefit from some art time! I need to make a list for some projects for our spring break next week. :)
    Have a great day friend!

  2. Lol, I love the last pic! So cute! Oh, and I too never throw away my paper scraps- I just hold on to them hoping to use them for some small project someday.. but they never get used. Well, now at least I know where I can send them!!


  3. great project! I have a very difficult time throwing away scrap book paper scraps too! :)

  4. LOLOLOLOL!!! sleeping beauty cracks me up!
    what a cutie!
    and YES! i can't bring myself to throw away scraps either...this was the PERFECT project!
    tell your girlies well done!

  5. yeah, we totally left all the pants off too! (by we, i mean Hunter... just to clarify... ha!)

    LOVE this idea. so sweet! definitely wall worthy! i am going to have my girl do this (in like a year, cause otherwise she'd eat the glue). : )

  6. sleeping beauty is hilarious!!! adorable crafty craft. you're such a good mama :)

  7. they are all beautiful pieces of art...How fun...they would be cute printed on cards fro family...wouldn't it? Hope your having a great week, wishing you a great Good Friday and blessed Easter Sunday friend!!! I wore my black bloom yesterday for my anniversary dinner with my dear Mr. Darling. I have had compliments from people when I wear them too!Hugs your way!!! Mica

  8. Oh I love this craft and I even have everything to make this....Maybe we will try a group craft today.
    Enjoy your Thursday!