Monday, April 2, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Gooooooood Monday Morning Party People!

Hope ya'll had a super weekend.


To be honest, it started a little rough.
Um . . . Friday was a bit funky.
As in  . . . I was a serious grumpster.
Not pretty and I'm not proud.

But thankfully I have a SUPER patient and loving husband 
and super gracious girls.

Don't ya just hate a funk ?

So I took all my grumpy 'tude and attacked the girls rooms.
We did some serious cleaning, purging and organizing.
It felt good.

 Ya know how a room has to get even messier before it gets organized?
We went through every single toy basket.
Every little Barbie shoe and Polly Pocket found its proper home.

We have lots to give away.

 No space went unturned.
Please look at the pile the girls were pulling out from under their bed!

One of their tasks was to put every puzzle together so we could put random puzzle pieces we found in the right box, and get rid of puzzles that didn't have all their pieces.

I also did this so they wouldn't see me get rid of some of their 'treasures.'
I had to.
We had tears over plastic glow in the dark teeth.

After all the pieces were sorted out,
I came up with a space saving way to store all those puzzles.

Now instead of a whole shelf, they just take up a little space.

Every 20 minutes a timer went off 

 to remind me to take this cutie to the potty.
Yes, this is my 3rd attempt.
Third times a charm right?


While the girls were cleaning, my HOT carpenter was installing bead board and lighting.
HOORAY for progress!!

The girls took a break from organizing and went out to enjoy a beautiful sunny day.
It really felt like spring . . . finally!

This fashionista informed me that she was ready to take off the training wheels.
And yes, she put together this little outfit.
A skort over capris- it's the new look for Spring.

Ahhhhh . . .  library book, iced coffee,  porch swing and warm enough to ditch the cardigan.

And little signs that spring is indeed here.

We finished the weekend celebrating Grandma's birthday.

It ended up being a delightful weekend.

Some things I learned:

1.  If I'm feeling the funky grumps, get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.
2.  If you get a new sink, the kids will think doing the dishes is fun.
3. When steaming artichokes, it's necessary to involve water.  PEEEEEYOOOO!
4.  I really need to return my library books on time- Yowza!
5.  If the girls are missing socks, look under their bed.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!! 

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  1. This post totally makes me laugh! I was in a funk Saturday and it does stink! Fresh air and sunshine is the ticket to getting out of it. We did some toy purging last week too... mainly because no one would pick up their toys! (hate that struggle!) Thanks for the puzzle storage idea. I was thinking zip top bags for ours, too. Have a nice week!

  2. Lol! I love this post! First, I know this is weird but I love the knobs you chose for your kitchen cabinets. Second, I love the way you stored those puzzles- and the wire basket you stored them in! Adorable! I have been looking for a good wire basket for a looong time! And third, you drink out of Mason jars- which I love too!

    Glad you are out of your funk! GO and enjoy that sunshine!


  3. Love the puzzle storage cute. And yes if you reutrn library books late it sure can add up we found out the hard way!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. oh my! was i ever in a funk on saturday!
    like...if momma aint happy, aint nobody happy! for real.
    i am so embarrassed and ashamed!
    i am LOVING how your kitchen is coming together.
    HELLO! wood countertops!!!!!!!!! woohooo!
    and beadboard, and new lighting, and green glass knobs!
    so very cuuute!
    have a great week!

  5. I just might have to post a picture of my skort over capri ensemble. I too paired it with rain boots. I, however, was no where near as adorable as your daughter :)

  6. Oh yeah! I was feeling funky on this Monday, then I read your post & now I feel perky! Have a great day!

  7. i totally agree... sunshine helps any 'tude! : ) but wow, you were all very productive. that feels so good! and puzzles with all the pieces?? jackpot!

  8. Stopping by from MM.....what a delightful entry, funk and all. Bet you felt so good doing all that organizing and cleaning out. Good for you!

    Mother to 4 girls, Wow! can't imagine how big the space has to be for all their hair bows and other accessories. :o)

    Blessings to you for a great Easter week!

  9. I think you should know that your purging inspired me to do a little of my own today. Thanks A Lot. Ha!
    Sorry you were in a funk. I feel like in live in that state too much lately. Ugh! Maybe good weather and lots of prayer can turn things around :)

  10. I found your beautiful blog through Darcy, a few different ways actually! I entered to win a gorgeous mustard yellow bloom when she hosted a giveaway and today I saw your exchange on her first (and most awesome!) post with HHM (I'm also on the team).

    I'm a Montanan too. Well, I have been for 3 years now. :-) I've had pretty much no luck connecting to mom bloggers around here let alone Christian mom bloggers that HOMESCHOOL, so you can imagine my glee to find one....especially one that's so much fun to read! You have a beautiful family, and I'm thrilled to get to follow along with you. :-)

  11. ok, so you just got home and you tackled the organization of KIDS" rooms?? that's brave sistah...i'd be crabby too! :) i hate that under-the-bed stuff...just yuck. love how you organized your puzzles AND i love your white beadboard backsplash (that was a tongue twister!) your kitchen is SO stinkin cute!! ok, now for reals since i'm alllll done with etsy business, let's chat. soon. like, asap type of soon :)