Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We're back!

We took a little vacay to visit family in AZ.

 44 hours in the car
The girls rocked it.
Seriously awesome travelers!

So many sweet moments.

I'll try to narrow down the 178 pictures I took 
to a few highlights. 

 We don't have In-N-Out in good ol' Montana.

Oh yes, it was a highlight.

 You can easily spot the Montana folk at the pool.

Many sweet moments with the grandparents.

 Like sculpting with Grandpa.
 Josh's dad is an amazing artist.

 Feeding the ducks after a picnic lunch at the lake.

 It's moments like these

that make the days in the car seem like nothin.'

 We went to the Grand Canyon.

 A picture cannot grasp what an amazing sight it is.
If you haven't been, you need to put it on your bucket list.

I would love to hike to the bottom one day.

Hmmmm . . .  maybe have a mule haul me back up.

After the canyon,

 we were 'on the road again.'

 I think it was around hour 9 on the last day I got a little 'ansy.'
So that's when I pretend I'm a DJ and play all my favorite tunes.

Oh yes, the Giffin's were
'Gettin' jiggy with it.'

It was a quick trip.
But we packed in loads of special memories.

Today I tackled Mt. Vacation Laundry
and renewed my expired drivers license.
Oh dear. 

I have 4 more days of Spring break.
I have made my unrealistic 'to do' list.

It's gonna be good!

Hope you're able to make some 
special memories this week!


  1. Wow! What a fun trip! And such sweet girls :) I would love to go to the Grand Canyon someday! It's definitely on my bucket list! You've been missed here in blog land :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! It looks live you had a wonderful week. My grandparents lived in Arizona and I loved to visit them. Arizona is so pretty.

    In-N-Out we have one very close to our close really. Good news is that is always very busy so we do not go that often.

  3. 44 hours in the car?! Did you receive a medal for that one? Geezzz! Maybe you are a saint? lol!
    We really want to take the kiddos to see the Grand Canyon. Looks amazing! So glad you are back and had a great time!

  4. Welcome home to blog land and your real one!

  5. YEAH! glad to have you back!
    you and your hubs are such a cute, sweet pair. :)
    it looks like you have lots of fun together!
    i hope you get to cross off TONS from your to-do list this week. :)

  6. 44 hours? ah, kill me! the farthest we've driven with the kids is about 7 hours. we also climbed out of our death beads (we had been *really, really* sick) so it might have just been extra hard because we were still sick.

    you have such a nice looking family! welcome back!!

  7. forty four HOURS?! um wow. you are dedicated! but if in 'n out is involved it's totally worth it. i hope you had some extra for me! : )

  8. I've never even heard of In-N-Out! Ahhh, the grand canyon. Definitely one of the places on my 'bucket list'! Glad to have you back!

  9. Glad you had a great and safe trip! We love In 'n Out, always fresh, tasty and inexpensive to boot! The canyon looks big, I haven't been there yet, will have to squeeze it in on one of our trips down to visit. The girls look so big, Addy and Maggie are so grown up! Enjoy the rest of your break week!

  10. oh yes, in-and-out is a legendary thing! we don't have them here either. glad you had a great time. 44 hours in the car sounds a bit carazay! but if anyone can do, it's you.
    and ok, so i know you've like called me and texted me...i'm not ignoring you. i've just been super busy. i'm trying to get organized. will call you soon. don't hate me, k?? i love you, even when i don't return your's me, not you. ;) love you, sweets.

  11. Wow you've been busy! What a fun road how many hours with 4 little kids, amazing Amy. The photos were wonderful, all happy faces. So special to see family, glad you guys made the trip. Josh's dad is an amazing artist, he does nice work.

    We've been to the canyon many times (North Rim only) while living down in Cali for so many years. Gorgeous place.

    Miss in-and-out, had it all the time in CA.

    Good to catch up on your posts...I'm spending more time over on "Pinterest" these days, geesh. Love it! ;)