Friday, April 6, 2012

Bits Of Random

Happy Good Friday My Friends!
Hope you have fun plans for the weekend!

Here are a few random tid bits happening around here.

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? 
The girls and I are doing a little poetry unit.
This week they just read different types and authors.

 As you can imagine, Shel Silverstein was their favorite.
Yes, I teach the classics.

I think the girls were going for a Guinness World Record 

 for the highest stacked laundry basket.
Ok girls, I get the point.

I am trying to be a bit healthier.
Which means I eat a little less ice cream and 
think about exercising a lot more. 
I have noticed that I drink a lot more water if I use this fun new cup. 
And I have been a lot better about taking my vitamins.

 These vitamins are not to be confused with the children's gummie vitamins, these bottles are clearly labeled for adults.

You know the section in Good Housekeeping when they ask famous actresses when they felt like they earned 
the Good Housekeeping award?

 I kinda feel like I earned the 'real crafter' award when I use my rotary cutter.
It just makes me feel cool.
It doesn't take much.

 I'm not making something amazing like a quilt

 just a few new clips.

I LOVE my new counter tops. 

But, I feel a little nervous around them, like I'm going to hurt them.
I know this will pass- just like when we installed the wood floors I wouldn't let the girls roll their Hot Wheels on them. 
But in the meantime, I was inspired by Jessica to make a few coasters.
(the counters do not need them, this is just for me until I relax a bit)

 I made an iced coffee to test them out.
They work great!

And lastly,
does any one want to come over and help me eat these?

I usually have only one Girl Scout hit me up,
but this year I had 3- 
and who can say no?
I have 2 more boxes waiting for me at church!!!

I'm off to have a few thin mints for breakfast . . . .

Happy Easter my dear ones!



  1. oh how lovely are those fabrics! pure beauty!

    i'm so happy you teach them the classics! i love those, too.

    and laundry? what laundry? ; )

    happy Easter weekend, my dear!

  2. I la la love the fabric pinwheels! Don't even talk to me about laundry. Oh my! And Girl Scout cookies...I have a Girl Scout and we just finished our last box from October! We had so many boxes.
    How do you make your iced coffee?
    Happy Easter weekend! xo

  3. I love the new clips...will they be in your shop anytime soon??

    Yes, laundry how does it pile up so fast?

  4. i have a craving for a carmel delight something fierce!!!!!! i'll be right over! :) our laundry piles look alike. it is scientifically proven that drinking water out of a straw helps you drink more water. (ps: i'm the scientist that came up with that). yeah for vitamins! and i love those clips. sophia's favorite is the pinwheel. so sweet :)


  5. Yummmm girl scout cookies! I love putting thin mints in the freezer for a day- then eating them. They are so good chilled! Hope you have a wonderful easter with your lovely family!


  6. If you don't offer me thin mints on Tuesday, I will cry. C-R-Y I tell you!

  7. we have matching laundry piles! ;)
    and i love those sweet hair clips! adorable!
    i would totally feel cool using that cutter, too. :)
    have a blessed Easter sweetie and thank you SO much for the birthday wishes!

    ps i was telling my hubby how fabulous your countertops were yesterday.


  8. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

  9. girl scout cookies ..... yummo ..... i will totally come over and help you eat them! maybe i would have to run there and home though!!!

  10. o.k. I have words about girl scouts and their cookies :) lol. I love the coasters! I may need to make some too! Have a fantastic Easter weekend and I hope that laundry pile does not eat you alive !!!!! xo