Friday, March 9, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hello Friends!
Happy Friday To You!

As promised, I have a winner for my lil' give away.
I had a crazy idea to announce the winner with a video.
After practicing in front of my mirror a few times,
I had my 8 year old producer help me.
Of course I was thinking I would be able to practice a few times.
But after the first try I realized I couldn't do a 'take 2' 
because I picked a name !!

All that to say- this is SO INCREDIBLY goobie!
But here's to starting your weekend with a good laugh.

 A few things before you push play:

1.   If it actually works and I put a video on my blog, consider it a   modern day miracle. It has been uploading for about 10 minutes now.
2. I got the giggles right when Kait pushed play.
3. Ignore the crying in the background, I just told Maggie she couldn't have Dora gummies.  I know, I'm such a meanie!
4. I apologize for the shaking action, like I said, I thought I would get  a 'take 2', and so I was being extra silly.  Oh dear.
5. I have a feeling a may regret posting a video, but here is goes!

Hope ya'll have a magnificent weekend!!


  1. I like the video. It was neat idea to show who the winner of your giveaway was!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. MEEEEE!!!! Reallyyyyy!!!!! I am so happy...You made my day. I am going to cherish them! You are so talented and I am so happy to know ya. Do wish we were neighbors, we would so have a craft weekend. Okay so if you need my address...send me an e-mail. I recently changed e-mail carriers so it is now, am off doing a happy dance! Mica

  3. ok. your adorable. I am not even sad that I didn't win, cuz you make me happy :)

  4. That was just about the cutest thing ever! Yay Mica!!! Have a great weekend :) xo

  5. oh my goodness...i love you to pieces! you are such a goof...but in a cute way, not like nerdy, you know?? :)

  6. I guess a day late. I didn't get to see the video!! :(

  7. First of all ... love, love, love the title of your blog. Such a joy to stumble over here tonight. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit. This looks like a refreshing place to dip in all sorts of goodness.