Monday, March 12, 2012

Scenes From A Low Key Weekend

Goooooood Monday Morning To You!
I hope this morning finds you rested 
and feeling ready to start a great week!

I had a delightfully relaxed weekend.
 It started with a lil' night out at Station 8 for their indoor garage sale.

 Meet the Station 8 girls- Rachel, Colette (owner) and Betsy
Love, I mean LOVE these girls.

 There were some treasures!
I came home with a few old rulers and the neatest lights I may incorporate into the kitchen.

A garage sale with wine and baked goodies?
My kind of garage sale!

It's starting to feel a little like spring in our neck of the woods.
Which means lots of melting snow and lots of puddles.

 Maggie is wearing my yellow galoshes from my childhood.
Yes, it melts my heart a bit.

 It was 50 degrees and felt like summer!

 Lots of playing outside.

Addy and I had a little date.

 Her topping choices are a good example of how colorful she is.
Love that girl.
Love these 'mommy and me' moments.
Josh and I try to have a date with each girl once a month.
Sweetest lil' moments.

I spent quite a bit of time in the classroom cleaning up my messes.

 Turning this
Into this

Nothing like starting the week in a clean and organized classroom.
I can breath a little easier now.

While I was organizing, Maggie found a way to occupy herself.

A relaxed weekend filled with sweet moments.
My kind of weekend.

Hope you have a grrrrrreat start to your week!


  1. Your girls are just adorable! You have such a lovely family! xo.

  2. That looks like a great weekend! Love those little yellow boots, very sweet. Our warm spring days are in the low 70's, and the cold ones are raining and in the low 60's, sometimes it feels like we live in different countries, not just different states! Everything leafed out and is beginning to bloom. This year we planted a cutting garden and the bulbs are just opening. Maggie's choice of entertainment looks like something Strauss would enjoy too. Just make sure she doesn't try it from off the top of the bed and end up like her cousin!

  3. Happy Monday to you, Amy! Have a wonderful week and enjoy this spring like weather! Love you, friend! P.S. and start watching Downton Abbey when you get the'll love it!

  4. i can totally see what you mean about maggie being your wild woman!! :D she looks like a hoot!!
    i love cleaned up clutter...makes me breathe a WHOLE lot better too!
    and rex goliath is one of my very faves...looks like fun :)

  5. Cleaned up clutter is the best! I am pretty much thinking if I don't find a spinny book thing for my classroom, I may come unglued. :) Happy Monday, my friend!

  6. I love relaxing weekends. Your girls are too cute in their rainboots. I am loving yours too! Our hight today is 80 degrees! So weird.
    Is that a card catalogue file? Whatcha got in there? So neat!

  7. oh my goodness. galoshes from your childhood?? how special and CUTE!

    station 8 looks a lot like heaven. : )