Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner,
I wanted to do a little festive craft with the girls.
We didn't have much extra time, so it needed to be quick and easy.
Meaning- no mess and I could fix lunch while they were busy.

So this is what we made

Here's the supplies we used:

Tissue paper and clear contact paper.
Does it get any easier?

I just taped the contact paper to the table and they stuck the 
tissue squares in a rainbow shape. 

 When they had all their color on, 
we cut around the edges.

 Maggie's was a very 'free style' rainbow.

Of course her teacher thinks it's perfect.

We love the way the sun shines through the colors.

A happy addition to our classroom.

Hope you have a colorful day!


  1. So cute! I love all of your crafty ideas and do so many of them with my own children!

  2. What a cute and easy idea. We are going to have lots of rain here for the next week so I think we are going to take a trip to the craft store this morning and get some stuff to keep us buys.

  3. Cute idea! I think Luke's neice was wearing the same pants as your little Maggie when I saw her this weekend :)

  4. I have this in our plans to do with Easter Eggs! so very cute! they turned out great!!!

  5. those are so cool! i might have to do that with my kids. sometimes i see a project that they seem to old for, but they end up loving it. i have a feeling this could be one of those projects!!

  6. oh what a wonderful idea! love the simplicity of it. and the rainbows are so cheery and bright!

  7. awwww. i LOVE it! good thinkin' to tape the contact paper down...you illiminated a lot of crying, you did :) happy day to you!

  8. My middle saw me reading this and thought it was the coolest thing! What a simple and fun craft! You could apply it to any holiday too. Contact paper, genius!
    I like Darcy's easter egg idea too. xo

  9. adorable!
    you are such a fun momma! :)

  10. Awe! I just want to come hang out at your house! You and your family seem like so much fun!

  11. I bet the girls loved it! So simple, yet the finished product is adorable! How did you keep your fingers from rearranging Maggie's rainbow? ;-)

  12. I am buying tissue paper this week to do this with my children. They will LOVE it. Thank you for sharing.