Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm All Smiles

Thank you!

Thank you for being the best group of cheerleaders a gal could ask for.
Thank you for all the sweet comments.
Thank you for all the link love on Facebook.
Thank you for your orders.
Thank you for all the loving support.

I must say, it feels purty good to have the shop up and running. 
I feel like I finally crossed something 
off my 'to do' list that had been rewritten
a bazillion times.
It feels good I tell you.

The other day I mentioned Josh helped me with a project.
My sweet hubbie gave me a metal stamping kit for Christmas.
(There I go . . . my fascination with metal again)
I've played around with them a few times,
and we used them to number our cabinets when we took them off,
but I wanted to really make something fun with them.

So this is what we did.

 We made flattened spoon garden markers!

 Do you think they're as cute as I do?

 This batch was definitely a learn as you go thing.
We discovered the very best way to do it,
on the LAST spoon I had.
We also discovered that it works best with silver plated and not stainless steel.
Of course, because there are 12 billion stainless steel ones at the thrift store and not a single silver plated.
I'm not kidding, I went hunting for them on Tuesday and went home with this tune in my head:
'It's like 10,000 knives when all you need is a spoon'
(lyrics altered a bit)
So if any of you happen to have a collection of silver plated spoons,
I would LOVE to buy them from you!

On another note,
as a way to say thank you for all your encouragement
 and cheer leading
I'm gonna have a lil' ol' give away.
Wooo Hooo!!
I attempted to make a key chain
with the reminder to keep dreaming

 I'm also going to throw in one of these

If you'd like to enter this lil' party,
just leave me a comment by the end of the day,
and I'll let you know who got picked out of the hat tomorrow.

Thank you again for being the confidence booster I needed!

Have a magnificent day
and keep working towards that lil' dream!!


  1. I love those spoons.. Are you going to be selling them by chance? :)
    I'm so proud of you for opening up a Etsy shop! I love that place and have always wanted to open one.. but never have been brave enough to do so! Congrats on all your sales the first day! =)

  2. Pick me!! lol!
    I love the spoons. We tried a garden last year but all the darn squirrels and bunnies kept getting into it. Ugh! I might try again though. Those spoons just might convince me :)
    Yay for a great first day on Etsy! Can't wait to get my bloom.
    Have a great day!

  3. oh girl! those spoons are delicious. love them. your shop is off to such a great start. i added some blooms to my wish list! : )

  4. Count me in!!! Love the spoons, so clever! You're on to a good thing miss Amy, so proud of you for taking the plundge, God's blessings over your shop and your new adventure!!!

  5. A whole new meaning to the words, Stampin Up! I love metal stamps! Can't wait to get my bloom!

  6. so AWESOME! i have always loved those spoons! so proud of you sweets :)

  7. So glad you are having such success! Those spoons are so pretty and I love that keychain!

  8. Happy for you my friend, truly! What a rockstar you are!
    The spoons are adorable!

  9. Love the spoons!! I am wondering if you will have them in your shop....they would be a fun Mother's Day gift.
    Thanks for the fun "giveaway" on this Thursday morning!

  10. you should be smiling....your blooms are delightful.So happy for you. The shop is are going to do very well. Love the spoon garden markers and that keychain with DREAM...oh my! My motto on my art blog is Dream a little Dream with me...I hope I get picked...I NEED that. And the BLACK BLOOM...YES!!!! It is wonderful my dear. Thanks for being you...Hugs,Mica

  11. Oh! Oh! A give-away! Those spoon markers are just DARLING- what a great idea! I am so excited for you and your store- you go girl!!