Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Some Eye Candy

Hello My Dearies!
Thought I'd give you a peek at the vintage market I went to on Saturday.
The Prairie Sisters! 
Let me tell you, there were some very fun venders!
Not only do I enjoy going to these shows for the fun shopping,
but I love connecting with people who have a mutual love 
for fun old stuff.
It was like a big ol' vintage lovin' party!

Right when you walked in was my personal favorite booth
(and yes, I'm a little biased)

 My beautiful girls from Station 8, Colette and Rachel.
Don't you think that 'A' should come home with me?
Yes, I think so too.

Just look at the way they dressed up their vintage dress form.
Yes, I believe that is wax paper.
I know . . . amazing!

Next up are two of the three adorable creators 
of my favorite vintage market,

 Meet Sandy and Vanessa!
Love these gals!
They introduced me to the JOY of selling vintage goodies.
Their market has GROWN so much and they have been featured in a few magazines.
See ladies? 
Dreams do come true!

Don't you LOVE their sign??

Every space had amazing colors, junk, and ideas!

 I LOVED this potting bench!
I have plans for Josh to build me one using old windows.
Don't you love the enamel 'sink'? 
And the barn wood?
Be still my heart!

I saw this idea on Pinterest
 I need to make this for my house!
I love the chippy frame and the fabric choices . . .
Just lovely!

And now . . .

 it's time for me to have a Popsicle.
My sweet darlin's shared their ickies with me and my throat 
is on fire!!
I need to call in a substitute!
I think this teacher may be teaching in sweat pants today!

Hope you were inspired today my dear friends!
Happy Junking!


  1. my mouth fell open when i saw that potting bench! now, that could be something i'd like to sit with a cup of coffee and stare at. like all the time.

    did you bring home the "a" sign? i love it too, but i have this inner struggle within my soul whether i should keep my house all white/neutral or go with color. i can't decide, so i just keep it white. i love it though...i just love the color too. know what i mean?

    1. oh, my. i feel the same way! i LOVE white, but i love color too! what are we going to do!?! :)

  2. eeek! love these treasures!
    it totally reminds me of the barn sale that i used to sell at, and still frequent every year!

  3. what fun

    i'm a little jealous
    that we don't seem to get
    many of these junk markets
    in my neck of the woods

    love love love
    your header and blog design

    and thanks for your sweet comments
    on my daughter's new room!


  4. SOOO awesome!! i love that you got to go to that! fun fun fun.

  5. Fun stuff! I saw the same sign on pinterest and loved it...wish I could find a cute one around her just like that one...I really need one ;)

  6. I wish we had junk markets too! Well, maybe we do. I guess I need to look into that cause this homegirl is jealous. Just sayin'!
    I hope you feel better SOON! Lots of hugs!

  7. aww, hope you feel better really fast! mama's can't be sick!

    when i lived in cali there were shows like this everywhere. here in s.c. i can't find the goodness. boo!!!

    i'm living vicariously through your vintage finds. : )

    soooo excited about your shop... : )

  8. I love your kind of eye candy. And can I just say again, I love your new blog look!!! It just makes me smile when I open it. And then I see your smiling face and I feel like stepped into your backdoor with a huge warm welcome!! I want a potting bench like that one too!! How fun!!

  9. Oh so fun! I hope you are better!!! I would have subbed for you yesterday, darn mileage in between us.

    I LOVE all this stuff! I don't where this cuteness is in my state!