Monday, February 27, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Goooood Monday Morning To You!

Hope ya'll had a delightful weekend!

I had a splendid one myself.
Although, it started with this little munchkin having a tummy ache

and ended with this sweet knucklehead feeling under the weather.

I enjoyed all the extra cuddle time my girls needed this weekend.
I didn't get as much done, but I was totally ok with it.
I'm learning to cherish every moment.
Even the snot rubbed on my shoulder ones.

We made some fun progress with the kitchen.
My handy hubbie has all the counter tops built

 now "we" just need to apply the finish, install and add a few little finishing touches.

Since all the dusty part is finished (alleluia!)
 I was able to start moving back in.
I am so thankful for this fresh start in my kitchen.
There are no crumbs in any of my drawers.
No flour piles in the corners of the cabinets.
The expired food is gone.
It feels so . . . new!
"We" should be able to put the cabinet doors back on this week.

I even made a little space pretty.

 Hello happy color!
The kitchen is coming along quite nicely.
We still have quite a bit to go,
but I truly am enjoying the process.
I have an amazing carpenter.

I had some fun play time too.
Saturday morning I had breakfast with my friend Jen, then we headed to a vintage market.
SPEAKING of Jen . . .
She just started a sweet business making the most beautiful jewelery.
You should go check out her Facebook page.
I bought 3 necklaces.
I reeeeally like them.
Jen ahem cough -start a blog-cough cough 
She is hilarious. 
And she gets me.
I dig her.

We both scored some pretty sweet goodies.

 This is my little pile.

On my way home from the market
I decided to squeeze in a little more junking.

Hello. My name is Amy and I may have a junking addiction.

I was following up on a Craig's list inquiry and it turned into the sweetest afternoon.
Oh, how I want to tell you the whole sweet story, but I'll try to give you the short version.
Since I don't like to go to strange people's houses by myself, my AMAZING husband met up with me.
I was looking at an old Singer sewing machine and ended up with a few other things too.
After speaking with the gentleman for quite a while,
we figured out that he goes to our church and that we had been praying for him and his wife for years.
His wife battled with cancer for 3 years and our church prayed for them weekly.
His wife past away last year and I remember feeling so sad, even though I had never met them in person.
It was incredibly touching to meet the man in person and listen to him tell stories about his beloved wife.
His love for her is beautiful.
 It was such a sweet afternoon.
And there is so much more to the story, but we'll leave it at that.

So as we were loading up my purchases, my WONDERFUL husband spotted THE kitchen light.
The light that I had just showed him on Pinterest the day before.
There it was dangeling in this shop.
So my stud husband asked about it and we got it
When ever I look at this light it makes me smile.
Not only because it was exactly what I wanted,
but because of the story that goes with it.
Hello happy light!

The rest of the weekend was filled with sweet little moments.
We got a bit of fresh snow.

 And Josh has the funnest way to plow.

These 2 lovely ladies

had a date to the symphony.

It really was a splendid weekend.

Hope you have a great start to your week!


  1. i love all your junk! you have the best eye ever for finding treasures. i may or may not be jealous. ; ) that cookbook shelf looks duhvine. really. i hope and pray your girls are all well soon. hang in there sweet mama!

  2. First, I hope your sweet girls are feeling better!
    Second, what a score on that light! So ridiculously awesomesauce.
    Third, this Jen is jealous of your Jen. HA!
    Lastly, sweet sweet story of the man and the sewing machine. How special!
    Have a great day my friend!

  3. I hope that you are all healthy! I absolutely LOVE stories like that about the light. I love little reminders of GOD moments around my house! What a special one for your kitchen! xo

  4. I LOVE all of your fun "junk"! I REALLY like your kitchen light.

  5. So happy to hear you had a good weekend and that the girls are feeling better, Amy. xoxxo

  6. I have a junking problem as well :) I love your little scale. So neat :) Have a good monday!

  7. so so much to say!!!
    -WHEN the heck did you get allll your cabinets painted??? i thought you just sanded last weekend. am i mistaken? can i have whatever energy-drug you're on if you did in fact paint them all last week, while doing school and activities. i am inspired.
    -when i gut a kitchen i wanna talk to josh about his mad countertop skills
    -i think it's totally hilarious that i was crushing on the same kitchen that you are NOW creating in your own house...we are so weird!!
    -i hate throw up :-/
    -you definately ARE a junk addict. you make me look like a totally non-junker :)
    -i LOVE your light. lucky duck!!

  8. i love everything about this!
    i love the sweet story{small world, huh?}.
    i love the progress in your kitchen! the counter tops are almost done? SWOON! my hubby built me wood counter tops in our flip house and i LOVED them! can't wait to see your finished room!
    i love your junk, because i, too, have a little 'problem' with junking!
    it's seeing all the potential, you know? i totally miss my spot at the flea market.
    it was so fun to restock and sell treasures. :)
    i LOVE that light! what a blessing! seriously! i have a green one JUST like it!
    the only thing i don't love about this is that your girls were sick. :( so sorry about that!
    have a great day!