Thursday, March 1, 2012


 I'm working reeeeally hard to open that lil' Etsy shop 
I've mentioned a few bazillion times.
After creating a small stock of blooms, I realized that now was the hard part. 
The 'technical' part.
Thinking through all the little details like packaging, shipping, and 
Oh man!
 I was going to throw my camera out the window!
(it's really not my camera's fault, I just took it out on her.  I should probably read my manual)
Let's just say I took quite a few pictures.
274 to be exact
Oh dear.

 I unfortunately started researching about 
'How To Have A Successful Etsy Shop'
and I kept reading how important your PICTURES are.

So after editing 274 pictures I realized Miss Booby would be a great way to display.
And she didn't disappoint- she was a delightful model.

So besides taking WAY too many pictures of silly blooms, 
we have been taking it preeeetty easy in our household.
That little sore throat I mentioned on Tuesday 
took over the entire family.
It sounds like I'm housing a family of barking seals!
So we've been relaxing quite a bit.

 Watching Little House On The Prairie 
(don't you just love that show?)

 Lots of reading

(can you tell Addy did her own hair and picked out her outfit?)

And so many cuddles.
Lots and lots of cuddles.
 (And apparently not much make-up or primping.)

Even though we've been under the weather,
it's been kinda nice to be forced to slow down.

I have a lovely weekend planned. 
And it starts later today!
Yippity Skippity Doo Da!

Hope you're having a slower paced week!


  1. We're all coughing too and it's grim. I can't wait till my two small people can read. It's an exciting time at the moment as Button (my eldest at 4) is thrilled to be learning her letters and recognising the odd word in the book when she reads. I promise her it will come, and with it a whole world of excitement and adventure for her to explore.
    Get well soon. x

  2. Excited for you! You know, I started reading my manual this week after owning my camera over 6 years. You would be surprised how much better my pics look already. Who knew?
    Your girls are too cute! Little Addy looks like she may be the princess like my Annie. Cute! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. ooohh ooohhh! i love your picture of the bloom! gorgeous!
    do we have a perfectionist on our hands? :)
    don't worry. i am one, too!
    i cannot wait to see that open sign flip on, though!
    and cuddle time is the best...sometimes we mommas just NEED to slow down and our determination won't allow it, so God MAKES us.
    oh! and we LOVE little house on the prairie, too. we are trying to collect all of the seasons on DVD.
    slow, but sure!

  4. Can't wait to see your shop!

  5. the packaging part off the technical stuff sounds fun. you can't go wrong with twine and burlap! : )

    and i love your girl's self-hairdo. Ca-Ute!

    hope the barking seals are at bay soon!

  6. 1/3 of my house is down with some gunk too! Makes for a lazy cozy day! I hope yours passes quickly. I adore the bloom picture! That'll sell for sure! You might wanna consider finding some of Miss Booby's relatives and sell those too! :) hehe. xo

  7. Awww Amy. Those little girls, once again, are so cute! :) Hope you had a great day, despite the bug! Can't wait til you open that shop up!

  8. I can't wait until your shop opens! And, on the note of slowing down- it's great to do. Life is all about remembering those little moments- but you have to make them first! Glad you were able to snuggle your little ones :)

  9. hope y'all are better! jack just got over a horrible bark...looks like a nice relaxing place to be sick though :)