Monday, January 23, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday my friends!

Did you have a nice weekend?
Oh man, did I ever!
We had nothing planned and so we filled it with sweet moments.
The hubsters and I had a date Friday afternoon to do a little more planning for the kitchen.
I'm not a very good decision maker.
But we did hit up a junk store that I've been eying.
I really wish I had my camera.
It was . . . we'll say interesting.
But I did manage to find a few treasures

We finished the day with a good ol' movie night.

Saturday we slept in and made a yummy breakfast.

 Mmmmmm . . . . homemade doughnuts.

I mean, can you start a day off any better than fried goodness?

After a few hours of cozy relax time-
girls playing Barbies, Josh reading, me making a few blooms
we headed out to play in the snow.

 We went to a gravel pit and sledded for hours.
This girl loves to sled.
And I love watching my girls be braver than me.

 We even got Grandma to go down the hill.
She LOVED it.
She was so cute!

It was a great day.

Sunday was church and a little planning for the week.

 We finished the weekend off with a little snow painting.
 I bought these condiment bottles at the dollar store
(you know when I went for one thing and came out with a handful of random other things)
I filled them with water and a few drops of food coloring

 and the yard was their canvas.

A wonderful weekend filled with sweet moments.
The best kind of weekend.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday 
and a great start to your week!


  1. geez you guys do a lot on the weekends! Though, if you had 4 boys, your snow painting would have been a lot more....lets naturale

  2. Was this a great weekend to junk or what?! Your scenery while sledding was a tad better than mine when i was little. WOW! how breath-taking! and the snow painting! i'll have to remember that when i become an auntie or mommy! neat!

  3. p.s. I have a couple antique fans myself. Love them!

  4. How cute, snow painting!! I'll have to file that idea away if we get snow this year. Your junkin' finds are awesome!! I'm always on the lookout for vintage fans, but have never seen them for a price I want to pay. One time, my husband and I went to the mountains, and we happened upon a flea market/auction, and I missed out on an awesome old fan that sold for only $5. Boo...But I did get a large assortment of old hankies and dishtowels so that eased the pain. Price I paid?? 50 cents. Yep, that made me a happy girl!!

  5. what a great weekend...playing and relaxing. just what weekends are for. just saw you called...i'll call you back soon! :)

  6. I loved your idea of "snow painting"!! So wonderful! I am glad you guys had a great weekend!! Miss you!

  7. I am living the winter life through you!! I have only had the pleasure of being in snow back in 1975, went to Michigan for a funeral so not much play time. And then again in 1987 with my brother on a skiing trip in CO. Loved it!!! My poor boys have never seen snow. They are deprived!!! So I would love to snow paint some time in my future!

  8. awesome weekend!
    love that snow painting idea! :)
    and the donuts...
    and the treasure hunting!
    hubby and i are doing a kitchen mini remodel soon, too!
    can't wait!
    have an awesome week!

    ps looks like we use the same curriculum for history. :)

  9. Wow! That looks like a wonderful weekend!
    The first picture with the girls on the peak took my breath away. I don't think I've ever been in that much snow. What a beautiful view! And I love the snowpainting. That looks like so much fun! I bet your girls loved it :)

    I hopped over from Lisa's Sweet Talk Shop. I'd love a visit from you--I'm hosting a giveaway this week!

    ♥ Bethany