Friday, January 20, 2012

Orange You Glad It's Friday?

Happy Friday to you!

I have wanted lockers in my mudroom for 
I have come across a few sets during my junking adventures,
but always end up putting them in the shop.
But these bad boys had me at hello.
And I knew they were going to stay.

I have this area in my mudroom that always looks like this.

So I'm hoping this guy will help.
 He's been waiting in Josh's shop for a good scrub down.
But Josh needed more room so we brought em' in.

 So I'll be starting my weekend with some good ol' bleach.
And then heading out to play in this

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!
Hope you get a chance to go outside and play!


  1. I love your lockers. I don't recognize that white stuff but it looks nice!

  2. Love the lockers! They will be great in your mud...ummm snow room!!

  3. yay! for lockers!
    i have a set in my girls room, too!
    happy weekend! :)

  4. I am a huge fan of orange!!! Love them!

  5. Hello! I am the newest follower of your blog. I found you through the link to your adorable valentines wreath {which I WILL be making within the next few days!}. Anywhoo, just wanted to pop in and let you know how much I am enjoying your blog, {I have been reading your older posts}. I am a new mom, my son Wyatt is going to be 8 months old tomorrow and I really enjoy other momma blogs. Stop by and say hello sometime!


  6. Oh my...that set of lockers is fantabulous!! I missed out on a set that was at a local salvage place. Your's look great!!

  7. Cute lockers! My friend and I were just trying to buy some almost identical to those off of Craigslist but as good things almost always are on CL...they were gone! Thanks so much for the sweet comments and encouraging words lately! I would love to have a sweet little spot like you do. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like it would be less stressful then shows? Have a great day!

  8. i just fell upon your blog, and my mouth just fell open when i saw your lockers! i adore them! they are so fabulous. i had almost gotten three grey lockers this summer, but someone had snatched them up! i've still got my fingers crossed i'll find some soon!