Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Joyful Day and Bookmarks

Before I show you our craft,
I want to share with you my sweet day yesterday.
The last few days have been . . . well . . .


I was in a yucky funk and was just having a hard time being cheerful.
Does that ever happen to you?
It's not fun.

So I read my bible and spent some time in my prayer journal.
I asked God to please help me be 
To be so full of joy  it would pour out on my family.
I finished my quiet time and opened my computer
(my morning routine).
I went to my dear friend Alicia's blog and she had written an entire post about lil' ol' me.
Um . . . , talk about a happy way to start your day!!
It truly was a dandy way to start my day.
I'm smiling as I just think about it.
I felt quite loved.
And I met quite a few new people who showered me with encouragement.
I love the way God answers our prayers-
in such fun creative ways.
And let me tell you, my heart was/is FULL of JOY!
It feels like a 4 year old with her own beater of cookie dough.

So thank you Alicia, you're the sweetest friend a gal could hope for!

Now . . .  on to our lil' craft.
I haven't been brave enough to try the sewing machine with the girls yet,
but decided I could teach them how to sew on a button. 
That's a good skill to have right?

I went to the dollar store for push pins and came out with a handful of other things
(and no push pins of course).
I found these paper clips that I thought we could transform into bookmarks.

 After gathering our supplies, it didn't take long for the girls to ace this little domestic skill.

"Really Mom, do you have to take a picture of 
every move I make?"

She's only 8 but she has 'that look'.
I thought I wouldn't see that until junior high!

We had gobs of fun combining felt and buttons and making bookmarks for those we love.
(some of you may be seeing these near Valentine's Day)

I think they're kinda cute.

Well, I'm off to have a joyful day.
We got gobs of fresh snow
and the girls are so excited to play in it.
Ha!  I've got some leverage for school today!

Hope you have a day FULL of JOY!


  1. oh my gosh!!!! soooo cute! where did you find that paper clip thingies?? the dollar store? so fun! we need to do a craft today. badly!
    ps: i've been in a bit of a funk too. i need some joy today :)

  2. Yucky funks and I are good friends. :) I love God and his timing! I am so glad he answered your prayer and so quickly too!
    I just luuurrrve this quote I read on Ann Voskamp's blog last week....
    "There’s only one address anyone lives at and it’s always a duplex: Joy and pain always co-habit every season of life.

    Accept them both and keep company with the joy while the pain does it’s necessary renovations. ~~~Ann Voskamp

    So good.
    Oh and I also love that craft! Now I am on the lookout for big paper clips. My older 2 would love that!
    Have a great day!

  3. this is so sweet!
    great job on the book marks.
    i think we have all the supplies to make those and my girls are crafting right now!
    i'll definitely show them.
    i have been begging the Lord to give me joy
    so that i am not a crabby, yelling mom and you are right!
    He answers every time! :)
    have a fun day!

  4. Nice to meet you, Amy! I'm one of Alicia's friends, and I read her post about you yesterday! I love your blog. She rubbed off on me and I started my own blog!