Monday, January 9, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Goooooood Monday morning to you!

We had a delightful weekend.
It started off right with a fun date with the hubsters.
The girls had a sleep over.
Saturday morning Josh and I did a little volunteer work with our church 
picking up Christmas trees from the curb.

 We do it every year.
So really, we had a TWO dates this weekend.
Yea, I like hanging out with the guy.

I squeezed  in a little Valentine crafting for the shop.

Which, by the way, we did a little switching around at the shop.

 I'll show you more fun pics soon!

Saturday night I had a good ol' fashioned girls night out with my dear friends Alisha and Rachel.
I think my cheeks are still sore from all the laughing.
We started the night with a bit of shopping.

 TG Max baby!
Without kids.

 Lish and I tried on the same shirt.
 And were cracking up over the waist difference.

We got some fun new things to spiffy up our mommy uniforms. 
Alisha couldn't understand why I didn't
want to try on this shirt she picked out for me.

It had feathers dangling off the sides.

We finished the night with a fun dinner and a movie.
And stayed out WAY passed my bed time.
I loved it.

It was a wonderful weekend.

Have a marvelous Monday!!


  1. you totally should have bought the feather shirt :)

  2. Love you girls! So glad you got a night out!!

  3. Fun weekend for sure. Love a TG Max, do you go to the one in Kalispell? When Pat was working in Whitefish, I was doing a lot of store hopping during the week. LOVED the TG Mas in Kalispell, that whole strip mall area was fun, loved the Pier 1 too.