Friday, January 6, 2012

Occupational Hazard

Don't you love the optimism this time of year?
We set goals.
We clean cupboards with the hope they'll stay organized 
the rest of the year.
We eat more salads and less M&M's.
And as much as the house feels so plain with Christmas decor put away,
I love re-spiffing up the joint.

One of the perks/ hazards of always having good ol' junk around
is it can find its way into my home.
Sometimes it never makes it into my space
and sometimes it finds a home with me if it hasn't sold.
Either way, it's fun.
Here are a few little things that have settled in my home,
for the time being at least.

 This sweet corner cabinet has been here a few weeks now.
It's waiting for a little fun color for the back of the shelves.
She was intended for the shop, but feels right at home nestled in that corner.

 This beautiful long mirror
 just fit too perfectly over the piano.

 I love this sparkly lamp.
She had been in the shop since the beginning,
so she decided to go home with me.
I need to figure out something fun for the shade.

 Every time I put this sweet dresser in the shop, I hoped it wouldn't sell.
So I decided to bring her home.
The old stain glass lamp is just waiting for a spot in the shop.
Until then, I like the fun color.

And my very favorite little addition . . .

is this old metal fire truck.
He does a dandy job of holding the napkins and 
salt and pepper on our table.
Isn't he a cutie?

That's all for now.
I have so much fun rotating fun stuff 
in and out of the shop.
Only a few things have taken up 
permanent residence.

Have a splendid weekend!


  1. spiffing up, indeed! :) you are too cute. and love your little spaces...especially your little truck. he's a handy little guy!

  2. love! It's good to keep things you love sometimes...Looks realllllly nice there! Hugs to your weeek...Mica