Friday, November 4, 2011

My Space At Station 8: Christmas Open House!

I spent quite a few hours at Station 8 yesterday, 
getting it all purty for the Christmas Open House 
If you live in the area you really should go.
The shop is completely transformed
and it is breath taking beautiful!
I'll be sure to post pictures of the whole store soon.
But today, I'd like to give you a tour of my sweet space.
Which by the way grew by a few feet.
Yes!  Blissful Blooms has expanded!

 As I mentioned yesterday, I have been crafting up a storm.
(Note to family: if any of these items don't sell, you just might get one for Christmas.)
Hee hee!

Vintage Music Sheet Christmas Trees

 Music Sheet Ornaments
(Can you tell I scored a bunch of vintage music sheets?)

 I had so much fun making this lil' lady.
I'm planning on making another one for the craft fair.

 A few more festive pennants

Vintage Window Memo Board
Wouldn't this make a fun way to display Christmas cards?

I have tons of vintage ornaments

 Ahhh . . . lockers
I reeeeally like you.

The lockers are a great way to display all my 
vintage and retro toys.

 I have a little baking section that will meet 
all your holiday baking needs.

Here's that ginormous mailbox I was cleaning yesterday.
All gussied up for Christmas!

Well, there you have it!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
I'm off to get buried in more glitter, felt, and sheet music!

Have a festive weekend!


  1. in awe of you, friend! totally. it is amazing!! i will be shopping in your shop someday...mark my words!

  2. Amy...darn I'm not in Whitefish any longer. I went to "Station 8" acouple of times too. Loved it, then I met the owner, so nice. She mentioned this Christmas open house too, Rats...would love to be there...I'm jealous...pout! So glad you're posting pics, Love your area. Have a great day tomorrow!

  3. Hey what size are those ice skates?? Use to have my own years ago, now I need a pair for Montana? 8 1/2 ????

  4. oh my goodness are you in Whitefish?? i'm coming through there for Thanksgiving, I guess Station 8 won't be open ..... i love love that vintage music sheet wreath, it is beautiful :)