Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Been A Bit Messy Around Here

Life as a junker/crafter is not always pretty.

 Do you like my outfit?
Oh, don't worry,
I live in MT.
Sweats, Carharrt jacket and rain boots totally work where I live.

I get these ideas in my head,
and even if life is super busy,
I just can't let them go.
Do you know what I mean?

This week and next week are super 
(yes, I made up that word)
Station 8 is having their annual 
Christmas Open House
this Saturday.
If you live near by you should come check in out!

So I've been knee-deep in glitter, felt and sheet music
making a few things to spiffy up my space for Christmas.
Next weekend my dear friend Alisha and I 
are doing a craft fair.
(What in the world were we thinking???)
So next week I will continue on a crafting marathon.

My family is so patient!
 This would be the classroom totally thrashed 
and lined with boxes of vintage goodies.

 This would be the huge card table I squeezed in our 
so I wouldn't have to clean up my craft mess every morning for school.

We've had left overs the last 2 nights.
I have a Mt Fugi pile of laundry 
that grows every minute day.
I still have frozen stiff flowers in flower pots 
waiting to be removed.
And when you're nose deep cleaning out lockers
your 2 year old just might find the Halloween candy.
Deep breaths . . .
Just a few more days of this madness.
I can do this!
Craft-o-mania on three!


  1. i could cry i want to come see your space so bad!!! i love your spirit my and i better stay far apart or we might just conquer the world together :) good luck with your's gonna be fun!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so darling in those rubber boots Amy. Looks like your hubby is helping and getting into the spirt of Craft-O-Mania...Baby! LOL