Monday, November 7, 2011

It Was A Good Hard Day

Did you miss my scenes from the weekend?
You didn't miss much.
It was a yoga-pants wearing weekend.
A weekend where I spent too much time getting ready for a craft fair and not enough time with my girls.
Josh was gone hunting.
To be honest, it was a hard weekend.

Today was a hard day.
We went to a funeral of an amazing man who died too young.
A man who left his bride, 4 daughters, grandkids,  . . .
The church was PACKED.
He touched so many lives including ours and he will be tremendously missed.

It was also a very special day as we celebrated Kaitlyn's 8th birthday. 

Can someone tell me how my first baby is already 8 years old?
Seriously!  It makes my heart hurt.
She came with us to Helena 
and spent sweet time with my aunt while Josh and I were at the funeral.
My Aunt Lori is the best.
She made Kaitlyn feel so special.
She took her out to lunch, rode the carousel- TWICE- had ice cream, played games,  . . .
I am so thankful that on a hard day, Kaitlyn was able to
"have the best birthday ever" because of my aunt.
Thank you Lori!

So, I've been thinkin'.
And I need to make some changes.
We don't know how long our time will be on earth.
But I do know that I want to make it all matter.
I am filling my life with too many things that don't really matter.
I'm not quite sure yet what changes I need to make,
but I do know that I will be spending more quality time with my family (LESS time crafting).
I want to make more of an effort to spend intentional time 
with the people God has blessed me with in my life.
I want to slow down and cherish the time with my sweet babies.
Because as much as I tell them to stop growing, 
they just keep growing.
I want to go on more dates with my hubbie and have weekends with "nothing to do".
I want to grow deeper in my relationship with God.

Not sure exactly how,
but I need to make better use of my time for these important things.

Sometimes it takes a hard day (or hard weeks)
to help you realize that changes need to be made.

Hope you make time today to spend quality time with the ones you love.


  1. I totally relate. Two years ago almost to the day, I quit a job that I adored with all my heart as an event director at our church for the same reasons. Best decision I have ever made. Prayers to you! xo.

  2. oh sweet girl, i'm sorry about your friend. i'm praying for you that you can have some calmer days. this run your own business stuff is so not easy and it's so hard to find the time...and it's hard because it makes us happy. hope you have a better day.

  3. that was a beautiful post, thank you.

  4. Amy...sounds like your last few days have been a challenge. So sorry to hear of your loss, may God wrap his loving arms around you and Josh and comfort you during this time of sorrow.

    Life can be hard to balance while raising a family, running a household, and still trying to find time to enjoy your "creative side" that brings joy to YOU. God knows and understands your heart and wants His purpose to rule in your life. Your "creative side" does fulfill a purpose and God uses that to reach others in your life, even if you don't see the result right away. Your touching others and showing God's love in your art. So don't put that aside completely, but ask Him for the balance. There is freedom in Him, and as long as you continue to seek after His effection, He is pleased.

    You my dear are a fine piece of china in His eyes, delicate, beautiful, aged in wisdom, with a practical but very important purpose in the Kingdom of Heaven. Be encouraged that you are loved and pleasing to Him.

    Happy be-lated birthday to your darling daughter...and aren't Aunties amazing blessings in our lives? :)

  5. Amy, I echo what these other ladies have said! Know that God has used you as an inspiration to me. I check your blog every day for an update; I have found it to be so encouraging as I am far from home right now! May God have his hand of peace and comfort on your family especially during this time. May He continue to give you His desires for your life. May He bless you in your relationships and continue to pour you out as a blessing on others. You and Josh have touched our lives more than you will know!