Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 On 10: January

It's been quite a while since I've done one of these fun posts.
I honestly just kept forgetting.

I've missed doing them and needed one to be quite honest.
Rebekah from a bit of sunshine puts it eloquently like this:

The project has since grown to be a fun and interactive way for blogger's from all around the globe to document a snap shot of their lives too, once a month on the tenth taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding much life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day!

I needed to be reminded,
to find the beauty in the mundane.
So here it goes:

As always, start my day the best way,
with the Lord.

 Keepin' math fun with a game to teach multiples.

Mmmmm . . . . left over soup for lunch.

 I love library day.
It makes the house so quiet.
 Thank you Nana for the fun surprises!
The girls loved them.
 Addy wanted to make sure all the peanut butter was out before I tossed the container.


 A Nancy Drew she hasn't read.

 My sweet clean babies.

 Ahhhh . . .  my mommy duties are done for the night.
 It was a dandy day.

ten on ten button

Hope you're able to find beauty 
in the mundane today!


  1. Your stack of books makes me want to run to the library! Yummy cookies!!

  2. Love your photos. Looks like a fun day with the kids.

  3. love this,,i'm hungry now, those cookies looked like they'd go well with my tea i had this mornign =0) starting the day with the Lord is the best way =0)

  4. hi there, girlfriend! i love your bible cover. and i love that you're reading the soldier's wife. you're gonna love it!! i want a cookie :)

  5. Looks like such a fun day! those cookies look delicious!


  6. Peanut butter cookies -- yumm-o!!

    Makes me want to go in the kitchen. :)

  7. I love library day too and peanut butter cookies and clean kids for sure!

  8. Your pictures are awesome....looks like you have a full house! Now I'm hungry for peanut butter cookies!

  9. Great set! Library day is my favorite also! I want a cookie now :)

  10. Looks like quite a fun day! I love getting to relax at the end of the day with a good book, but sadly it doesn't happen to often! I must try harder!

  11. i love the perspective on the hands holding the paper boxes! also, those cookies look awesome!