Monday, October 3, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend : Pumpkin Patch

Happy Fall Y'all!
We had a splendid weekend enjoying the beauty of this season.
One of my favorite days of the year
is pumpkin patch day!
We are so blessed to have the coolest pumpkin patch just up the road.

Warning: GOBS of pictures- 
I really did try to narrow it down.
What can I say? It's my favorite day!

 I heart Montana!

SO many fun things to do!
 Bouncy Balls

 Corn Maze
A jail for crazy kids

 Trike Trail

 Huge Sand Box

 Pedal Karts
 That's my tough girl look.
I'll try to work on that.

 And my FAVORITE part:
the jumping pillow!

 I have to admit, I am pretty serious about getting to the pumpkin patch within the first 2 weeks of opening day.
And we have to go during the day on a week day.
So we can have this pillow all to ourselves.
 Because I reeeally like to play on it.
 I reeeeally want one for our back yard.
 Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas.

Then of course we hunt for our pumpkins.

 So heavy Mom!
 We each pick one.

I love this annual tradition we have.

I love my family.

Have a  marvelous Monday my friends!


  1. look at you, miss :) no offense, but you're not scaring me with that tough girl look :) that looks like fun and i've never heard of that pillow cool!

  2. how have a great punkin patch...we are trying to set up an apple picking day at a farm which we'll most likely get a pumpkin too! Tour family is reallly sweet! I love your scarf and bloom on it! I covet the blooms.ha ha. Have a great week...Mica

  3. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog...not really sure how:) Think I was maybe looking on Pinterest for Homeschooling blogs, then got called away to do something for kids...just came back to computer and started looking through...I love it!! Looks like you are doing a lot of fun Fall stuff!!