Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Sweet Surprise

 I have always wanted to have sunflowers in the fall and tulips in the spring.
I am so proud of myself because I finally have sunflowers.
(we planted a few rows but only one came up-  hmmm . . . guess I should supervise the planting better)

I was headed out to the garden to take a few pics of my prized blooms 
and when I opened the back door I saw this sweet scene.

 The girls received a magazine in the mail and were reading it together.

I love that they didn't even know I was there taking their picture.
Pure sweetness.
I am so thankful that my girls are best friends.

And here are a few shots of those blooms.

 So bright and cheerful!
 I love the new color for the fall.
I'll be sure to plant more of these fun gals next summer.

Now if I could just find the time to plant those bulbs.

Hope you have a sweet day!

1 comment:

  1. i love sunflowers! love them!! your girls are too sweet together. reminds me of my boys. they are bestest friends :)