Friday, September 23, 2011

Lookin' Fallish In My Sweet Lil' Space

Happy Friday To You!

I spent some time yesterday spiffing up my space at Station 8.
I had a lot of fun making a few Fall crafts to cozy up my sweet 6X6 spot.
Here's what it looks like now

These are one of the crafts I did.
Dictionary page leaves with fun Scrabble words.

 I made a few festive wreaths.
I had so much fun making these 
that I'm going to make a few more.

 I love old rake heads.
I have them in both of my bathrooms holding necklaces.
You could also use them to hold wine glasses, belts, etc . . .
So many possibilities!
See my pennant?
I was inspired by my friend Alicia who has an amazing Etsy shop.
She graciously let me creatively borrow her word.


Isn't that what this upcoming season is about?
Gathering with the ones we love and remembering what's truly important.

That's it!
Thanks for swinging by my space!

Hope you have fun plans for the weekend!


  1. oh my word, miss amy!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! that's a lot of love!! you are seriously talented. look how you have that all arranged?! beautiful. i would buy everything!!

  2. I love all the things in your shop, I would go crazy buying everything!